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Scaling Civic Tech – Knight Foundation + Rita Allen Foundation
However, many civic tech organizations design software intended to serve a broad public/civic purpose but fail to address a need for any particular client that could actually pay for it. This misalignment between the beneficiaries (for example, the public) and customers (often government) often leads to software without a natural buyer.
civictechnology  municipal  businessmodel  publicsector 
yesterday by mayonissen
The False Narrative of Damien Hirst’s Rise and Fall | The New Yorker
Brilliant. How Hirst broke the art world business model. Essentially did an u EE or Amanda Palmer. Like publishing too.
businessmodel  music  casestudies  innovation  wickedbook 
4 days ago by mofox
Validate Your Startup Idea With The 7+1 Model – Stéphane Nasser – Medium |
Straight to the point: how do you separate the wheat from the chaff in a high-uncertainty context?
BusinessModel  Startup  Strategy 
8 days ago by cplamper
Strategyzer | Canvases
Business model canvas, etc
Cited in Lean Enterprise P 69
businessmodel  Startups  leanenterprise 
13 days ago by maltodextrin
tools for innovators - VentureWell
Videos on business models, lean processes, customer interviewing, storytelling and other leading-edge startup ideas.
ESB6  leanstartups  lean  customerdevelopment  storytelling  businessmodel  videos 
20 days ago by jeromekatz
The Washington Post Is A Software Company Now
The newspaper created a platform to tackle its own challenges. Then, with Amazon-like spirit, it realized there was a business in helping other publishers do the same.
publishing  BusinessModel  FastCompany 
22 days ago by jorgebarba

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