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10 reasons you should never get a job
A little hyperbolic, but quite good ammunition and motivation to do what you want (if you want to!) — self employed vs employed
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21 minutes ago by badlydrawnrob
How to stop being a graphic designer
Using your skills on your term. Moving from client/office work to freelance/self-employed business.
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23 minutes ago by badlydrawnrob
The Observation Deck » Open source confronts its midlife crisis
As part of their quest for a business model, these companies should read Adam Jacob’s excellent blog entry on sustainable free and open source communities. Adam sees what I see (and Stephen O’Grady sees and Roman Shaposhnik sees), and he has taken a really positive action by starting the Sustainable Free and Open Source Communities project. This project has a lot to be said for it: it explicitly focuses on building community; it emphasizes social contracts; it seeks longevity for the open source artifacts; it shows the way to viable business models; it rejects copyright assignment to a corporate entity. Adam’s efforts can serve to clear our collective head, and to focus on what’s really important: the health of the communities around open source.
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23 minutes ago by euler

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