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The Pop-Up Employer: Build a Team, Do the Job, Say Goodbye - The New York Times
To the extent that temporary organizations replace permanent ones, they have the potential to add to the economic uncertainty that workers must increasingly contend with.

Temporary organizations capable of taking on complicated projects have existed for decades, of course, perhaps nowhere more prominently than in Hollywood, where producers assemble teams of directors, writers, actors, costume and set designers and a variety of other craftsmen and technicians to execute projects with budgets in the tens if not hundreds of millions.

In principle, many companies would find it more cost-effective to increase staff members as needed than to maintain a permanent presence. The reason they do not, economists have long argued, is that the mechanics of hiring, training and monitoring workers separately for each project can be prohibitively expensive.

There is some evidence that the corporate world, which has spent decades outsourcing work to contractors and consulting firms, is embracing temporary organizations.

Intermediaries have sprouted in many industries. In the tech world,
there is Gigster, a platform founded in 2014 that knits freelancers together into software-building teams, so that an entrepreneur with no technical know-how can hand off an idea and get back a fully functional app in months or a prototype in weeks.

In entertainment, there is Artella, a platform that helps freelance animators, sound designers and other talent form teams that produce animated features. Artella, by also providing the costly technical tools that support animation, may one day allow freelancers to compete with the major studios.
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MoA - The U.S. Military - Pampered, Safe And Very Scared
and there are over 100 cities offering public money bonanzas for the "privilege of sucking and fucking Amazon. The people who live on the site of Amazons original "HQ" , Seattle, now call the deal their city made "Armageddon". The return for such lascivious handouts apparently doesn't make them worth it. And Amazon is hardly alone.In fact, all large businesses expect tax handouts (including up front cash payments as "credits") free land and improvements, and on and on , and this is a global phenomenon - not just in the US............Capitalism sucks. It's time has finished. Let's evolve for fucks sake . Lets all live like the hero's in the army, and like Jeff Bezos and his fellow capitalists do - on the public dime!
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The New Kingmakers Then and Now - by @sogrady
"The good news is that this developer-driven fragmentation has yielded an incredible array of open source software. The bad news is that, even for developers, managing this fragmentation is challenging. And if it’s challenging for developers, what of the businesses they work for? Businesses, after all, have a much lower threshold for change, a far lower ability to absorb innovation. An individual may prefer what’s new and shiny, but businesses prioritize stability and predictability."
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