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Dave Oancea - What many business owners don't know is that the...
What many business owners don't know is that the traditional business model is no longer needed to succeed in business. You don't need to lease a bundling, hire employees, deal with work man comp issues, pay salaries etc..... now days you can run a 7 figure business off one tool! Your god damn phone!!!! Zero overhead and the ability to market on free platforms such as social media is a no brainer. The people that are adapting to this new generation model are reaping the rewards. Stop making excuses because if you really wanted to run a business you can do it off the palms of your hands. I'm living proof of it
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Web Designer & Illustrator • Jay George • Web Designer
Hi! I'm Jay, a freelance web designer based in London. My passion is standing at the intersection of design, the web, and business.
Let's talk about your business.
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