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八阕 ・ 广角新闻 ・ 产 经:【什么是不可避免的商业】
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8 weeks ago by mathinker
Platform businesses may wipe out classic 20th century companies
The dominant business models of our era will be platform businesses, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber and Alibaba, which enable consumers and producers to connect with each other, facilitate the exchange of goods, services and information, and create their own markets.

To substantiate their case, the authors cite the devastation of Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company, and Research In Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of the BlackBerry, which bestrode the corporate world a decade ago. Both companies were smart, rich, cutting-edge technology businesses selling hugely popular products. Yet both were pretty much destroyed by Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s Android.

As Stephen Elop, then Nokia’s chief executive, acknowledged in his staff memo in February 2011, his company was standing on a “burning platform”. “We’re not even fighting with the right weapons,” he wrote. “The battle of devices has now become a war of ecosystems.”
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12 weeks ago by akiraman
#3: OSS Business Model Progressions – Open Consensus – Medium
Like most things in life, progress happens gradually on a spectrum of iterative changes over time… The same is true for business model evolutions in commercial OSS companies. In this post, we’ll…
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july 2018 by clehene
inDinero | Accounting & Tax Software for Small Business
modello a cui FB si sta ispirando per il suo nuovo modello di business con revenue ricorsive
june 2018 by cmenzani
How Much Does It Cost to Launch a Satellite? Motley Fool June 2016
"ULA says that a "lower-end mission," carrying perhaps 4.75 metric tons aboard one of its Atlas V rockets costs $164 million, while launch costs across its entire fleet average $225 million. (Maximum payload: 8.9 tons.)"
"Ariane 62, designed to launch 5-ton scientific satellites into GTO, is targeting a launch cost of $77 million. Ariane 64, a heavy-lift rocket capable of hoisting two 5-ton satellites into space simultaneously, similar to Boeing's plan, would cost $126 million per launch -- or just $63 million per satellite delivered."
"new and improved Falcon 9 rocket as capable of delivering 5.5 metric tons of cargo to GTO for just $62 million, or up to 8.3 tons for a higher price."
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may 2018 by pierredv

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