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Altius Space Machines Selected for 2 NASA SBIR Phase 1 Awards – Parabolic Arc
MagTag could be the new lego for cubesats to heterogeneously recombine based on work objective.
MagTag  electropermanent  magnet  EPM  newspace  satellite  bus  modular  block  interface  space  research  technology 
11 days ago by asteroza
By Bus From Muscat to Dubai - Timetable & Prices 2018 - Travel with Pedro
Details of how to travel by bus from Muscat, in Oman, to Dubai. Including timetable, ticket fare and details of the journey and immigration procedures.
bus  translation  oman  dubai 
22 days ago by michael.henry
TileLink Spec 1.7-draft | SiFive
Fully open-source alternative to Wishbone, but which better supports more advanced use-cases than Wishbone.
bus  wishbone  interconnect  message  passing  packet 
23 days ago by kc5tja
Bus Tracker
bus tracker app that reportedly works with AAPS school buses
bustracker  aaps  bus  school 
24 days ago by sstrudeau

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