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What Cities Can Learn From Burning Man (Governing, August 2019)
The annual gathering is a radical experiment in urban design that rebuilds itself in the desert every year -- with the help of its residents.
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9 weeks ago by davidkoren
twoinvenice comments on A shot of burning man that looks like a solar system
Here I'll give you a real answer: First, Burning Man isn't a music festival (a lot of people think that it is) - it is an experiment in creating...
9 weeks ago by ivar
A Nobel-Winning Economist Goes to Burning Man (NYT, 9/5/2019)
Amid the desert orgies, Paul Romer investigates a provocative question: Is this bacchanal a model of urban planning?
paulromer  burningman  cities  economics  willroger  harleydubois 
9 weeks ago by davidkoren
The Amazing Bureaucracy of Burning Man (CityLab, 8/30/2017)
If you love bureaucracy, Black Rock City is the alternative desert utopia for you.
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9 weeks ago by davidkoren

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