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Kardinal widerspricht der katholischen Lehre.
Jetzt braucht es nur noch einen, der ein paar Dubia an ihn ric…
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Julie Irwin Zimmerman: I Failed the Covington Catholic Test - The Atlantic
The story is a Rorschach test—tell me how you first reacted, and I can probably tell where you live, who you voted for in 2016, and your general take on a list of other issues—but it shouldn’t be. Take away the video and tell me why millions of people care so much about an obnoxious group of high-school students protesting legalized abortion and a small circle of American Indians protesting centuries of mistreatment who were briefly locked in a tense standoff. Take away Twitter and Facebook and explain why total strangers care so much about people they don’t know in a confrontation they didn’t witness. Why are we all so primed for outrage, and what if the thousands of words and countless hours spent on this had been directed toward something consequential?
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january 2019 by craniac
Music and Computers
A Theoretical and Historical Approach
Phil Burk, SoftSynth.com
Larry Polansky, Department of Music, Dartmouth College
Douglas Repetto, Computer Music Center, Columbia University
Mary Roberts
Dan Rockmore, Department of Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Questions/comments/corrections? Please contact: douglas at music columbia edu

In 2008 Key College Publishing returned the rights to the book to the authors, and we have decided to once again make it a freely available resource.
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october 2018 by gdw
MR James: A View From a Hill (BBC)
This story recalls HP Lovecraft's "The Silver Key," in which Raymond Carter looks into the past in Kingsport

H. P. Lovecraft was an admirer of James's work, extolling the stories as the peak of the ghost story form in his essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature" (1927). Another renowned fan of James in the horror and fantasy genre was Clark Ashton Smith, who wrote an essay on him.
The film was entirely filmed on location in the Thames Valley in November 2005; The Manor House in Chertsey, originally named Barrow Hills, featured as the home of Squire Richards. It was built in 1853 and was purchased by the Ministry of Supply in 1952 who used as an Officers Mess. In 2004 it was purchased by a consortium headed by Crest Nicholson PLC since when it has been used for several film and TV dramas.[1] It and other locations in Turville were chosen because of their proximity to London.

The production was filmed on a limited budget, and writer Peter Harness had to cut or reduce several planned scenes for budgetary reasons.
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august 2018 by dbourn
Donald Trump’s Reactionary Mind
Embarrassed members of the conservative intelligentsia have long been dismayed by Donald Trump. He’s crude, he’s violent, he’s garish, he has little interest in any contest of ideas. Liberals often feel the same way.
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november 2017 by Jswindle

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