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Impossible Burger 2.0 Hands On: A glance into the future | iMore
It's a breakthrough unlike anything else you'll see at CES this year, and the folks behind this update think it will change the world.
Innovation in the burger world is rarely something you can see with your eyes. If there's a clever new blend of materials, you can experience the hard work when you try it for yourself. When someone has found a great new ingredient to blend into a mixture, you don't usually see it on the bun. People are trying new things in the burger world all the time, but rarely can you look at a burger and be surprised just on looks.
Two years ago, Impossible Foods changed that with its first burger. The rollout has been slow and deliberate, targeting specialized retail distributors instead of making it available to the masses all at once through one of the big box retailers. But ask anyone who has experienced an Impossible Burger for themselves and you'll get quite the story in return. In the middle of one of the biggest tech events of the year, the Impossible Burger is being upgraded to version 2.0. We spent a lot of time with several variants of this product during the launch event, and found no shortage of questions answered.
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