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AI thinks like a corporation—and that’s worrying - Open Voices
He noticed an uncanny similarity between the functionality of a human bureaucracy and that of the digital electronic computer. (He confessed that he could not tell whether this observation was trivial or profound.)
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HEPI New report calls on universities to tell students where their fees go, as new figures reveal under half of fee income goes on teaching but most of the rest also benefits students - HEPI
New report calls on universities to tell students where their fees go, as new figures reveal under half of fee income goes on teaching but most of the rest also benefits students
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The policy consequences of cascade blindness | Behavioural Public Policy | Cambridge Core
One way to reduce waste and to make a system more robust is to allow its components to pool resources. For example, banks might insure each other or share a common capital reserve. Systems whose resources have been pooled in this way are highly prevalent in such diverse domains as finance, infrastructure, health care, emergency response and engineering. However, these systems have a combination of characteristics that leave them vulnerable to poor decision-making: non-linearity of risk; obvious rewards combined with hidden costs; and political and market incentives that encourage inadequate safety margins. Three studies demonstrate a tendency for managers of such systems to underestimate the probability of cascading failures. We describe a series of behaviorally based policy interventions to mitigate the resulting hazards.
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▷ Il sistema dell’assicurazione sanitaria in Germania
In Germania, dal 01.01.2009, vige per ogni persona l’obbligo di stipulare un’assicurazione sanitaria. Anche chi soggiorna in Germania solo per ...
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Matt Spencer (Assistant Professor)
I joined CIM in June 2017. I gained my PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2013. Prior to that I studied Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.

In addition to my academic research, I have worked professionally in IT and digital technology delivery, spanning web, mobile, e-learning and information systems technologies, for a range of clients, primarily in media, transport and public sector.
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Why boring government matters
November 1, 2018 | | Financial Times | Brooke Masters.

The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy, by Michael Lewis, Allen Lane, RRP£20, 219 pages.

John MacWilliams is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker who becomes the risk manager for the department of energy. He regales Lewis with a horrific catalogue of all the things that can go wrong if a government takes its eye off the ball, and provides the book with its title. Asked to name the five things that worry him the most, he lists the usual risks that one would expect — accidents, the North Koreans, Iran — but adds that the “fifth risk” is “project management”.

Lewis explains that “this is the risk society runs when it falls into the habit of responding to long-term risks with short-term solutions.” In other words, America will suffer if it stops caring about the unsung but vital programmes that decontaminate billions of tonnes of nuclear waste, fund basic scientific research and gather weather data.

That trap, he makes clear with instance after instance of the Trump administration failing to heed or even meet with his heroic bureaucrats, is what America is falling into now.

We should all be frightened.
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