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RT : Another project for , this time working with the wonderful folk at . Have a play for…
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may 2019 by briantrice
How to design a logo
Art director and graphic designer Peter Saville talks to Vogue Business about the process of redrawing the logos of internationally famous brands – and how fetish and the Badminton Horse Trials inspired his Burberry sans serif
PeterSaville  interview  Burberry  brand  typography  fashion  VogueBusiness  2019 
february 2019 by inspiral
I love fashion as much as next girl, but burning $50m in stock is End of Days stuff. Not only is emperor…
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july 2018 by jkerrison
New post (Name a more iconic trio. We'll wait ...) has been published on Best Images ... -…
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november 2017 by wotek
China gifts luxury a reprieve
29 April/30 April 2017 | FT Weekend | by Harriet Agnew and Tom Hancock

Chinese consumers, the drivers of global luxury for more than a decade, once travelled overseas to the European fashion capitals of Paris, London and Milan to take advantage of lower prices. Now they are increasingly inclined to spend at home. Last year Chinese consumers made two-thirds of their personal luxury goods purchases domestically, compared with roughly a third in 2013, according to the Boston Consulting Group.
.............In an era of lower growth, brands are trying to adapt to changing consumer demands and the disruption of digital while keeping the creative process at the heart of it. “Creativity and audacity is what allows you to elicit desire [and therefore sales] over the long run, telling a story that people want to discover, chapter after chapter,” says François-Henri Pinault, chairman and chief executive of Kering.
......Yet brands can no longer rely on opening lots of new stores to fuel growth. Instead they have to keep costs down, revamp their existing stores to make them more profitable, and seek new customers through avenues like digital.

“The business model of luxury has completely changed,” says Erwan Rambourg, global co-head of consumer and retail at HSBC in New York. “Either brands understand that and make the changes themselves, or they don’t and they leave themselves open to activism or M&A.”
.......Compared with other consumer brands, luxury has been late to the digital party. Phoebe Philo, the then creative director at fashion house Céline, told Vogue in 2013 that “the chicest thing is when you don’t exist on Google”. But that view now looks unsustainable.

Six out of 10 sales are digitally influenced, says BCG, which estimates that online commerce will grow from 7 per cent of the global personal luxury market today to 12 per cent by 2020.

Within digital, the holy grail is so-called omnichannel — the ability to offer a seamless experience to customers that blends digital and bricks-and-mortar stores, and includes initiatives like click-and-collect. “Blending the physical and the digital is the future of the online flagship stores,” says Federico Marchetti, chief executive of the YOOX Net-a-Porter Group.

The emphasis is on the customer experience. Net-a-Porter is launching a same-day delivery service in September for its top clients in London called, “You try, we wait.” Customers will be able to try on their online order at home or in the office while the delivery van waits outside.
......As e-commerce gathers steam and groups collect more and more data on their clients, the next stage is machine learning and artificial intelligence, believes Mr Marchetti. In this vision of the future algorithms will act as virtual shopping assistants, suggesting items that the customer might like, “enabling us to speak to each customer on an individual basis rather than to the whole customer base”, he says.

Luxury brands are also increasingly using blogs, online “influencers” and social media platforms such as Instagram to generate visibility and lure potential buyers.

All of this is happening at a time when the definition of what constitutes luxury is expanding beyond physical possessions to include experiences both as a competitor to, and opportunity for, the traditional houses.

“Luxury brands are now competing with the plastic surgeon and the luxury travel agent,” says Mr Rambourg. “For a similar price you can have a Louis Vuitton handbag, a facelift or a trip to the Maldives.”
....“Our pulse is the Chinese customer,” says LVMH’s Mr Guiony: “It made the sector worse a couple of years ago and it has made it better now. We have to be aware of that. Trees don’t grow to the sky.”
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may 2017 by jerryking
Burberry launches 'see-now-buy-now' chatbot | Glossy
Burberry took a cue from Tommy Hilfiger and launched a fashion chatbot of its own yesterday to complement the brand’s first foray into “see-now-buy-now” fashion.
Burberry has long been innovative in the digital space, becoming the first luxury brand to run a Snapchat Discover channel native ad back in April, and launching Pinterest’s first customized beauty board in August.
Though Tommy Hilfiger was the first to launch its fashion bot earlier this week, Burberry is seeking to differentiate by providing behind-the-scenes looks at the inspiration for the latest collection in advance of its London Fashion Week show on September 19.

To use the bot, users can go to the Burberry Facebook page and click the link of scan the mobile QR code. They then receive a virtual “save the date” for the London fashion show before they are led through a series of inspirations for the line, including Virginia Woolf’s novel “Orlando” and pre-production sketches of items like a women’s cavalry jacket and a bridle bag.
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september 2016 by inspiral

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