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Hokerone.de - Graffiti, Calligraphy und Illustration
Liebe den Buchstaben, ob gezeichnet, geschrieben oder gemalt. Mit dem vielleicht wichtigsten Werkzeug – der Hand.


Ob Fassaden-, Objekt- oder Raumgestaltung. Nahezu jedes Motiv ist so realisierbar, dass Du dich jahrelang daran erfreuen können.


Traditionelle und digitale Illustrationen. Den Gedanken zu Papier zu bringen und mit den richtigen Techniken umzusetzen,
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october 2018 by Alldesign
Aussichtsfernrohr Special Sale Visio 15x60 reconditioned
Aussichtsfernrohr Special Sale Visio 15x60 reconditioned
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august 2018 by Alldesign
Fall Fashion Lookbook 2014 (Overknee, Kleider, Röcke, Boho Chic) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Fall Fashion Lookbook 2014 (Overknee, Kleider, Röcke, Boho-Chic) In diesem Video dreht sich alles um meine aktuell liebsten Herbsttrends! Wie ihr sehen könnt, liebe ich es im Herbst meine Kleider mit Overknee-Boots, Kniestrümpfen und Pullis aufzupeppen. Diesen Kombinationen finde ich einfach gleichzeitig sehr süß aber auch chillig. Außerdem haben sie diesen gewissen boho-vibe, den ich […]
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nineveh_uk: Wimseyfic
Despite the popular conception that domestic service essentially ended with the war, for the wealthiest of the aristocracy the change was not so dramatic. Domestic appliances allowed households to run with a smaller staff, and whilst country estates with a staff of fifty became things of the past, life in some London houses carried on much as before, albeit with the vacuum cleaner supplying the place of the under-maid. With the death of the fifteenth Duke of Denver in 1952 and his cadet brother’s succession to the title (the Duke’s son, Viscount Saint-George, having died in 1941 in the Battle of Britain), the household divided its time between London and Denver. Bunter continued his work with Scotland Yard until 1960, when a heart attack forced him him to give up more onerous work, although his skills continued to be called upon for consultation until his death.

A man of rare sympathy and kindliness despite his formidable appearance, Bunter’s apparent lack of a private life was a superficial perception. He retired with the Duke and Duchess to Denver, where he might often be found in his studio, or surrounded by a crowd of the younger members of the Wimsey family begging his aid in re-enacting scenes from Doctor Who for ciné-camera. He is survived by four nephews and nieces, his brother Meredith having died in 1957.

Roger Wimsey

Mervyn Ernest Bunter, soldier, servant, and photographer, born 4th March 1887; died 3rd June 1973.
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march 2013 by timberwolfoz
War Torn - tinx_r - Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers [Archive of Our Own]
Lord Peter Wimsey was more than shell-shocked. Bunter, who knew him from a hundred meagre billets, a thousand shared meals, countless quiet words both spoken and unspoken, saw at once that his foundations were rocked, tearing him loose from the anchor of the man he had been.

Peter had nothing left to fall back on. Fortunately, Bunter's reserves went deep enough for the both of them, because, as Bunter reflected, if it had been left up to Barbara, it would have been as well for Peter to have died in the blast.

The house in town was a nexus of comings and goings -- Barbara's friends, young butterflies, as silly as she was herself. They fancied themselves modern, socialists, seekers of peace, and calmly despised Peter for his part in the war, while they enjoyed the luxuries of his money and position.

Their hypocrisy choked Bunter, sent him to his own quarters at the rear of the house to listen for Peter's summons. It came more and more often.

Peter had been moved to a room on the third floor -- a part of the old nursery, quieter than the main wing. Dispossessed from his own bedroom as, adjoining Barbara's, she swore she could not get a wink of sleep listening for Peter's nightmares.

Peter, apologetic as always, with confused, bruised eyes that gazed at Barbara with a mix of longing and abject despair, went quietly. If Bunter had never known his major, he would have thought this Wimsey knew no other way.
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march 2013 by timberwolfoz
antisoppist | Birthdayfic
In the hope that pinching your fic and rewriting the end to make it even worse than it was originally (and that's saying something) is taken in the spirit in which it is intended, I give you something that if it is not to be called Busman's Honeymoon, Bride of the Son of the Monster of the Revenge of IV - version two with knobs on, will have to go by its working title of The Peculiar Case of the Inadvertent Poisoning of a Gentleman's Gentleman. It started out as commentfic and has come in at 3,000 words and rather dauntingly required almost-plot and Harriet driving across England (at high speed) rather than people just sitting about talking (gosh). I have taken due note of the point about the Daimler's fuel consumption.

The Peculiar Case of the Inadvertent Poisoning of a Gentleman's Gentleman
fic  lordpeterwimsey  peter/harriet  bunter 
december 2012 by timberwolfoz
Gaudeamus Igitur, Maturae Dum Sumus: A Detective Story With Love Interruptions - Chapter 1 - executrix - Lord Peter Wimsey series (Dorothy Sayers) [Archive of Our Own]
Really fun AU where Peter and Harriet are otherwise occupied, so the Shrewsbury mystery is solved by Miss Climpson, Bunter and St. George. Some interesting pairings in this, but I just loved it for the atmosphere and language.
St.George  miss  climpson  bunter  au  sayers  from delicious
january 2012 by norwich36
Exploding Poohsticks - DRABBLE and REC: Wimseyficletry
Mr. Mervyn Bunter was not a man naturally given to relaxation, but when his lordship literally gave him over to an acquaintance and commanded him to enjoy himself, he did so with alacrity. Lolling in the lake, he luxuriated in the sensation of strong tentacles massaging him from scalp to toe. As he savoured the slip and slide of wet, muscular flesh against his nether regions, his thoughts occasionally strayed to the pair of well-dressed men -- well, partially well-dressed, he amended -- witnessing his pleasure even as they attended to each other within the shadow of a nearby tree.
fic  bunter  crossover  hp  slash  bunter/giantsquid 
june 2011 by timberwolfoz
azdak: Wimseyfic: I Love London Town
"I daresay he will," said his wife, grimly, "but at least he won't be making a spectacle of himself on my property, in front of my guests. You know how delicate his nerves are, Gerald. How on earth is he going to cope with shotguns going off all over the place? Only this morning someone let off a gun outside the house – it quite startled Bunter, who is not easily flappable – and as for Peter, well, I collared Bunter afterwards and asked him if Peter had been upset by the shot, and I'm afraid Bunter caught him trying to climb stark naked out of the bathroom window shouting 'Gott strafe England!' Suppose he does that in front of the Bishop? No, for his own sake, he needs to be somewhere well away from any bangs or shooting before the guests arrive."
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june 2011 by timberwolfoz
nineveh_uk: Wimseyfic, anti-Attenbury
‘Thank you, Bunter,’ she said, feeling suddenly exhausted. Peter had not turned round. Bunter laid a hand on his shoulder, and bent his head to murmur something ending in, ‘tea, your grace.’

Peter sat up as if he had been bitten, turning a distraught face to his valet.

‘Oh no, Bunter! Not you, too.’

Harriet said nothing. She remembered once before when Bunter’s words had made something real, my lady, now gone forever. Now he stood as implacable as Jane’s Mr Brocklehurst, a straight black pillar with its face like a carved mask.

‘Your grace,’ the voice not unsympathetic, but softly insistent. There could be, she understood, no resistance to the overwhelming tide. Canute, poor misrepresented man, had known that. Though it was like Peter to fight against the waves nonetheless.

‘But not yet, surely?’

The curved lips of the mask understood, but were unmoving. The strong fingers on the shoulder distorted the grey flannel. Tomorrow, the cloth would be black and the hand at his side.
fic  sayers  lordpeterwimsey  harriet  bunter  angst 
june 2011 by timberwolfoz
nineveh_uk: Wimseyfic: Five times
It was true that the film to which he was squiring the young person Elizabeth was one he had already seen in London, and that it had merited only a negligible claim on his attention the first time, but as he did not intend to spend much time watching it this was of little concern. He distributed notecase, cigarettes, and a bag of boiled sweets in their various pockets, and, after a moment’s contemplation over the sponge-bag, slipped a small packet in with his handkerchief. The girl wasn’t bad looking, and one never knew.

She wore a surprisingly smart hat and coat, and introduced him to the box office attendant as a “real London servant” in a tone of awe that promised much. They took their seats second from the back row (pushing things too early never paid off), she ate her ice-cream, and then turned to him her wide, foolish, cornflower blue eyes,

‘Oh, Mr Bunter. Do tell me everything about his lordship!’
fic  sayers  lordpeterwimsey  bunter  hilarythorpe 
june 2011 by timberwolfoz
atropos_too: Lord Peter Wimsey: London, November 1917
The Corporal, who was known in Brick Lane, and to the police, as the brother of Miriam Bunzl, but had reinvented himself at the recruiting office three years earlier as Mervyn Bunter, was contributing his own share of cigarette smoke and brilliantine to the mix - but not his voice.

In Bunter's mud-lined hole in Flanders he had smoked and dreamed of a peaceful day like this, at home with the companions of his childhood. Now, on the last night of his leave, his sister's apartment was unbearable, the company uncomfortable, the atmosphere that of Sheol itself.
fic  au  bunter  lordpeterwimsey  sayers  wimsey/bunter 
june 2011 by timberwolfoz
Oh! What a Lovely War! - Azdak - Lord Peter Wimsey - Sayers [Archive of Our Own]
"Corporal!" he roared into the trench. "Stop that nonsense at once!"

The female impersonator sprang to attention.

"Is this," the Lieutenant demanded, "any way to win a war?"

"I do not consider it my place, sir," said the Corporal woodenly, "to make suggestions as to how the war might be won. Or not. Sir."

Wimsey, who couldn't seem to help noticing things, noticed how a dull roar had started up in the distance, and how the men were glancing nervously at the sky from the corners of their eyes. The pale youth was shivering, his hand clutching at his rifle.

"Yes, well," he said, cutting off the Lieutenant's reply. "I'm sure there's no harm done. Just don't let me catch you doing it again, Corporal."

If his voice lingered slightly on the word "catch", the Lieutenant did not notice, but the man below him risked a quick glance upwards, and so met his eyes.

"Yes, sir!" said Corporal Bunter.
fic  sayers  bunter  lordpeterwimsey 
june 2011 by timberwolfoz
nineveh_uk: Quality Literature
2008-09-20 05:58 am (local) (link) Track This
The evening off, the same club, the Napoleon brandy, the sympathy that only a fellow can convey. "Have you considered, Mr Jeeves, that as a permanent disincentive to marriage you might consider encouraging Mr Wooster in the pursuit of what one might call intercourse with the fairer sex?"

There was no getting away from it. Jeeves' expression was bordering on the smug.

"I assure you, Mr Bunter, that my gentleman is significantly better, ahem, endowed than yours. Indeed, I believe he is commonly compared with equus asinus in the physical as well as the metaphorical sense."

"That may be so," said Bunter after a short pause. "However, I have reason to believe that my gentleman can keep it up longer."

"Indeed?" said Jeeves, with a flash of interest. "Perhaps this calls for an empirical test of some kind."

With my eye still applied to the keyhole, I gulped. Just what had Jeeves got me into now??
fic  crossover  lordpeterwimsey  bertiewooster  jeeves  bunter  *splorfle* 
june 2011 by timberwolfoz
All Our Scattered Leaves - marycrawford - Lord Peter Wimsey - Sayers [Archive of Our Own]
All the church bells ringing continuously at St. John's, contributing to feeling of exultation; ring out, wild bells! Ring in the thousand years of peace! Helen complaining of the noise. Believe if Helen were borne up to Heaven by seraphim this instant she would complain bitterly of their singing.

Have sent James to buy all the newspapers he can find; something so reassuring, so final in a Times headline.
fic  gen  sayers  yuletide  bunter  lordpeterwimsey 
december 2010 by timberwolfoz
Sam the Storyteller - The Royal Society (a crossover of DOOM)
"Who're you then?" Vimes demands. Ianto rolls his eyes, catches Bunter stifling the urge to do the same.
"Ianto Jones," he says, standing to offer the man his hand. "That's Dr. Rodney McKay, Mervyn Bunter, Archie Goodwin, Commander Sir Samuel Vimes -- "
" -- easy on the Sir, Jones -- "
"And Professor Remus Lupin."
The man smiles easily, shakes warmly, looks friendly enough.
"Dr. John Watson," he says, as he pulls up a chair. "Retired."
"Ph.D?" McKay asks interestedly.
"MD, actually."
fic  crossover  sherlockholmes  lordpeterwimsey  torchwood  jeevesandwooster  hp  lupin  bunter  watson  ianto  jeeves 
february 2010 by timberwolfoz
Sam the Storyteller - LORD PETER: The Lost Chord. G.
What were those pictures of Peter that the Dowager Duchess had like?
bunter  fic  sam_storyteller  sayers 
june 2009 by timberwolfoz
nineveh_uk - On a slippery slope
The other mpreg one, where Bunter is the one who won the toss. ;)
fic  sayers  mpreg  ninevah_uk  bunter 
may 2009 by timberwolfoz

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