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NaturalHairLatina: FREE HAIR | 💖“Share The Glam” GIVEAWAY!!💖 END 3-10

Latina Is The Social Savvy Maven @ NaturalHairLatina

An influence marketer who is socially aware, fair and honest with the ability to convey authenticity. My reputation as a forerunner in what's new, trendy, hot or not, is conveyed with authenticity. In her spare time she's @ Fitnessbodymovement,

Measure Your Social Influence


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
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10 hours ago by naturalhairlatina
How to git bundle a complete repo - Stack Overflow
git clone repo.git
git bundle create repo.bundle --all
git  bundle  backup  repository 
6 days ago by exnihilo
RT : Humble Bundle offers books on mobile app development - Android Community
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18 days ago by ormg
Add Content Bags · Issue #3651 · gohugoio/hugo
hugo - The world’s fastest framework for building websites.
hugo  bundle  resources 
20 days ago by vonc
Disk images | DaisyDisk - Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac
DaisyDisk is a disk analyzer tool for OS X that visualizes hard disk usage and allows to free up hard disk space
mac  sparse  image  file  bundle  container  virtual  disk 
4 weeks ago by ebouchut
Resource Hacker: a complete resource editing tool
Resource Hacker features: compiling, viewing, decompiling and recompiling resources for both 32bit and 64bit Windows executables.
Resource Hacker™ can open any type of Windows executable so that individual resources can be added modified or deleted within these files.
Resource Hacker™ can create and compile resource script files (*.rc), and edit resource files (*.res) too.
chassis  bundle  microsoft 
6 weeks ago by sprgchma

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