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RT : Writer says should trade Michael Jordan (10/15/86)
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february 2019 by digdoug
Blockchain Front Page this week: Bitcoin Whales, Bulls & Bears Heading to zero? Or heading to $1 million? Your call – Daily Fintech
Our theme for this week is “Bitcoin Whales, Bulls & Bears Heading to zero? Or heading to $1 million? Your call“ Over the last year, we have seen all kinds of predictions regarding Bitcoin and its future.
blockchain  front  page  thi  bulls  &  bears  heading  to 
january 2019 by marshallk
MLS NY Red Bulls vs Seattle Sounders Spread and Prediction
The NY Red Bulls are coming off a weirdly balanced match against Columbus Crew, where the two teams split the points. They have not been in the best of forms lately, and their next match won’t be easy either. They will play host to the Seattle Sounders on Wednesday, who finally won a match. It […]

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MLS  Picks  Soccer  Predictions  NY  Red  Bulls  vs  Seattle  Sounders  Prediction  Spread  and 
june 2018 by WagerTalk
RT : The are winning games with scrubs while most of the core guys continue their run of injuries. Say this for t…
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april 2018 by schraeds

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