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"After being by other children and even adults for being different, I became as early as 6. M…
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july 2018 by JaneDallaway
A project I have been working on...
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RT : Be honest... do you ever feel ? 4 tips to disarm the Alpha Bully from .
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Communication Inspirations: Is Your BULLY- Button Showing?
RT : Be honest... do you ever feel ? 4 tips to disarm the Alpha Bully from .
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february 2016 by Vince
I Think I Love You (But I Don't Even Know You)
After five years away on his mating quest, Jensen is forced to return home mateless and marry his best friend so he can become Alpha of his pride. In an ironic twist of fate, it is back at home that he finally finds his mate in the least acceptable person possible: Jared Padalecki, an outcast and half-breed.
author:  keep_waking_up  affliction:  guilt  affliction:  pining  affliction:  fear  of  rejection  affliction:  rejection  pairing:  jared/jensen  kink:  a/b/o  dynamics  affliction:  bullied  kink:  mates  attribute:  beta!jared  attribute:  bottom!jared  attribute:  top!jared  attribute:  bamf!jared  length:  short  (oneshot)  length:  less  than  15k  affliction:  shock  plot:  recalling  past  events  attribute:  guilty!jensen  plot:  arranged  marriage 
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Warning Signs | StopBullying.gov
RT : can happen anywhere and to anyone. Here’s how to talk w/ children who show signs of being .
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november 2014 by AWSP
On The Edge
Jensen's never going to be the popular kid. But his senior year of high school was supposed to be different. Chad and his goons had backed off - mostly - and Jensen had a guy who didn't mind putting out every now and then. But then, Misha moves away, and there's a new guy a school - a guy who seems to rev up the amount of abuse Jensen faces at school every day, just by being there. But is Jared all that he seems? Just a homophobic jock and nothing more? Or is there something else going on behind those hazel eyes?
rating:  M  wc:  30000-40000  author:  sweet_lyri  genre:  secrets  theme:  secrets/lies  theme:  misunderstandings  warning:  homophobia  theme:  bullying  genre:  romance  genre:  first  kiss  genre:  first  time  attribute:  caring!jensen  attribute:  scared!jared  warning:  references  to  rape/non  con  hurt:  fear  genre:  closeted  attribute:  asshole!jared  hurt:  humiliation  hurt:  bullied  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  rape  (past)  affliction:  hurt!jared  affliction:  hurt!jensen  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  high  school  character:  OCs  character:  jeffrey  dean  morgan  character:  tom  welling  character:  sandra  mccoy  character:  steve  carlson  character:  chad  michael  murray  character:  genevieve  cortese  character:  daneel  harris  pairing:  steve/danneel  pairing:  jared/jensen  fandom:  CWRPS  genre:  au  fandom:  J2 
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&  'carter  'i  'most  'snl'  (oneshot)  (past)  15000-20000  15k  30000-40000  624  70000-80000  9-year-old  a/b/o  a  about  abuse  abused!sam  abused  ackles  advice  affliction:  after  agoraphobic  album  and  angst  anna  apologize  arranged  as  asshole!jared  asshole!john  at  attempt  attribute:  au  author:  b's  bakery  bamf!jared  beaten  been  being  benny  beta!jared  betrayal  bobby  books  bottom!jared  bottom!sam  bowl  boys  bradavakian  bradbury  bromance  bruises  bully  bullying  burn  by  cardi  career:  caring!jensen  carlson  chad  character:  charlie  cheerleader  child  children  christian  closeted  comes  con  cortese  cox  crashes  crowley  cwrps  cyberbully  daneel  dean/ofc  dean  death  disability  drake?  drama  drug  dynamics  edelman  election  elects  ellen  epiphany/realizations  events  ever  everyday  expert  extreme  family  fandom:  fear  fever  first  football  for  from  gabriel  gay!sam  gay  gear  gen  genevieve  genre:  getting  gift!giving  girl  guilt  guilty!jensen  harm  harris  harvelle  have  help  herself  high  highschool!boys  himself  homophobia  hospitalized  how  humiliation  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt!sam  hurt/comfort  hurt:  illness  in  indigo2831  inspiration  inspirational  is  j2  jared/jensen  jared  jealous!dean  jeffrey  jensen  jo  john  journalist!sam  julian  kanye  keep_waking_up  kehlani  kevin  kids  kill  killed  kink:  kiss  lafitte  laverne  length:  less  logic  lovewins  m  male  manipulation  marriage  mary  masters  mates  may  mccoy  meg  melania  mental  michael  milton  misunderstanding  misunderstandings  morgan  motivational  mourn  murray  nc17  nicola  ocs  of  ofc  official  offset  online  oregon  others  out  overdose  padalecki  pair  pairing:  past  perkins  person  person:  pg13  photographer!castiel  pining  playing  plot:  poor!jensen  position:  possessive!dean  pre-series  pre-slash  protective!dean  rape/non-con  rape/non  rape  raphael  rare  rating:  recalling  references  rejection  restrained  reviews  romance  ruby  rufus  sam/castiel  sam/dean  sam/omc  sam  sammehsayum  sandra  sastiel  scared!jared  school'  school  season:  secrets/lies  secrets  self  set  shame  shock  short  should  singer  slow  spn  steve/danneel  steve  stomped  story_monger  strangled  struggle  sturgeon:  sue  suicidal!sam  suicide  super  surprises  sweet_lyri  syndrome  tcot  than  the  theme:  themselves  this  tickets  time  to  tom  top!jared  top  tornknees  torture  tran  trolls  trump  turner  v'  violence  voyeurism  vulnerability  warning:  was  wc:  welling  went  whines  who  wincest  winchester  with  world'  you  |  ★★★★★ 

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