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The Authoritarian Surround — Real Life
The suburbs have incubated authoritarian sympathies as well as revolutionary restlessness

- One of the defining features of authoritarian personalities is a revulsion toward things, and people, that complicate their established categories. In the suburbs, everything is designed to have its specific place, and to walk or work in the wrong place is to transgress legal, technical, and cultural boundaries. By instituting very precise uses for space — driving happens here, walking happens over there, people live here and shop down there — the suburb imposes the resource-intensive responsibility for abiding those boundaries on residents.

- Authoritarian personality types are also predisposed to exercising rigid parental control. The built environment of the suburbs accommodates this as well. Even the most rebellious child may find it challenging to sneak out to meet friends if they are separated by miles of road with no bike lane. It is no coincidence that middle-class families, who have to make discreet trips by car to playgrounds and other entertainment venues, have supplanted their children’s unstructured play with regimented playdates and planned activities.

- The synthesis of these two systems — suburbs and local news — perfects a control mechanism that isolates people from casual conversation and sustains an alarmist sense of nearby danger and a state of necessary vigilance, as well as an attitude of self-congratulation over one’s suburban lifestyle choices.

- There is a potential silver lining to the suburbs’ isolating qualities. Because of the intensity of suburban dispossession, the poor and marginalized are motivated to act and to resist. The Movement for Black Lives reached mainstream attention through resistance in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis. Black Lives Matter began and has performed some of its biggest political statements in suburban neighborhoods; across the country, it has done what few movements have dared to do: block highways that sustain suburbs.
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february 2018 by tarakc02
DeMarco & Lister, "Programmer performance and the effects of the workplace", ICSE '85.
The strongest empirical validation I can find that quiet private offices contribute to productivity in intense cognitive tasks.
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january 2016 by absfac
NBS TV - the online video resource servicing built environment professionals.
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Construction Manager
Magazine of the Chartered Institute of Building. Digital edition is readable online or you can download them as pdfs.
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Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM)
The Association of Researchers in Construction Management brings together all those interested in construction management research. It aims to further the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of management in construction by supporting education, dissemination and research.
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