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Daily macOS builds of Minetest.
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2 days ago by cd
SilensPhoenix comments on Possible to 1 phase Pleasure Gardens with x24 multiplier
According to this data, you should be using Celestial Nighthawk with bottom tree, not top tree. (This information is quite old, however, so it might have changed.)
destiny2  builds  wisdom 
12 days ago by darkwater
(193) Has Resilience Changed? Revisiting Resilience & Other Stats (Season 2) - YouTube
He recommends 2 Resilience for PvP. Either that or 10, but not really because that would be too expensive.
destiny2  weapons  builds  destiny-science 
6 weeks ago by darkwater
Installation — Vue.js
Really important sections explaining all types of NPM VueJS 2 builds that one could include with a software like Webpack.

In short, if you include the vue.esm.js version you'll need es2015 preset. You can't just include it standalone.
vuejs  vue2  installation  documentation  guide  reference  different  builds  npm  package  manager  es2015  commonjs  explanation  webpack  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
7 weeks ago by racl101
Warden Tank Build PvE for Clockwork City, Elder Scrolls Online - AlcastHQ
Warden Tank Build for PvE Dungeons by Alcast! Unkillable tank with great support for your group! Optimized for 4-Man Dungeons!
eso  builds  gaming  warden 
7 weeks ago by emory

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