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Tagging Docker images the right way - Container Solutions
Learn the best practices for tagging Docker images that will help you keep track of your containers in production. Code examples included.
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8 days ago by vonc
Logical Increments
Logical Increments helps you choose parts for your PC.
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6 weeks ago by Morrad
LambCI — a serverless build system
Run CI builds on Lambda:
LambCI is a tool I began building over a year ago to run tests on our pull requests and branches at Uniqlo Mobile. Inspired at the inaugural ServerlessConf a few weeks ago, I recently put some work into hammering it into shape for public consumption.
It was borne of a dissatisfaction with the two current choices for automated testing on private projects. You can either pay for it as a service (Travis, CircleCI, etc) — where 3 developers needing their own build containers might set you back a few hundred dollars a month. Or you can setup a system like Jenkins, Strider, etc and configure and manage a database, a web server and a cluster of build servers .
In both cases you’ll be under- or overutilized, waiting for servers to free up or paying for server power you’re not using. And this, for me, is where the advantage of a serverless architecture really comes to light: 100% utilization, coupled with instant invocations.
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8 weeks ago by jm

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