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(118) Destiny 2: Hallowfire Heart Exotic Review - YouTube
Grenade goes from 82 seconds to 25 seconds! Mele from 70 to 26.
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5 days ago by darkwater
The Go Dockerfile – Pierre Prinetti – Medium
In a devops environment, pushing some code to the repository is not enough. You have to ship it. And the first step is often writing a Dockerfile. This will work out of the box. But if you plan to…
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8 days ago by pinterb
Faster Node.js builds with Travis CI – clevertechbiz
There are a lot of tutorials about using Travis CI to build a Node.js project. However, when I started using Travis for our projects, what I really wanted to read about was performance issues, that…
travis  travis-ci  faster  node.js  builds  tim 
8 days ago by nharbour
(89) Deodorant | PvP Live Commentary [5] - YouTube
This video shows that high mobility can help dodge bullets in PvP.
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29 days ago by darkwater
taskr - task automation tool
Taskr is a highly performant task automation tool, much like Gulp or Grunt, but written with concurrency in mind. With Taskr, everything is a coroutine, which allows for cascading and composable tasks; but unlike Gulp, it's not limited to the stream metaphor.

Taskr is extremely extensible, so anything can be a task. Our core system will accept whatever you throw at it, resulting in a modular system of reusable plugins and tasks, connected by a declarative taskfile.js that's easy to read.
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7 weeks ago by johnloy

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