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The Math behind Project Scheduling, Bug Tracking, and Triage | USENIX
Many projects have poorly defined (and often overridden) priorities, hopelessly optimistic schedules, and overflowing bug trackers that are occasionally purged out of frustration in a mysterious process called "bug bankruptcy." But a few projects seem to get everything right. What's the difference? Avery collected the best advice from the best-running teams at Google, then tried to break down why that advice works—using math, psychology, an ad-hoc engineer simulator (SimSWE), and pages torn out of Agile Project Management textbooks.

We'll answer questions like:

• Why are my estimates always too optimistic, no matter how pessimistic I make them?
• How many engineers have to come to the project planning meetings?
• Why do people work on tasks that aren't on the schedule?
• What do I do when new bugs are filed faster than I can fix them?
• Should I make one release with two features or two releases with one new feature each?
• If my bug tracker is already a hopeless mess, how can I clean it up without going crazy or declaring bankruptcy?
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october 2018 by cdzombak
Usersnap: The visual bug tracker for web projects.
DROP CONFUSING BUG REPORTS & EMAIL THREADS. Never ask for a screenshot again. Get it from the visual bug tracker Usersnap.
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february 2015 by coolpilation
Mantis Bug Tracker
MantisBT makes collaboration with team members & clients easy, fast, and professional MantisBT is an open source issue tracker that provides a delicate balance between simplicity and power. Users are able to get started in minutes and start managing their projects while collaborating with their teammates and clients effectively. Once you start using it, you will never go back!
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february 2015 by coolpilation
JIRA - Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian
Plan, track, work – smarter and faster JIRA is the tracker for teams planning and building great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At your desk or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps your team get the job done.
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february 2015 by coolpilation
The Simple Issue Tracker | DoneDone
DoneDone is the simple, effective issue tracker. From planning, to coding, to testing, to customer support, DoneDone is the refreshingly simple issue tracker. No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails about web and software projects. Just one uncomplicated, central hub.
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february 2015 by coolpilation
Gitdone · Quick and Easy Issue Creation for GitHub
Creating issues one at a time in GitHub is slow. Gitdone let's you work faster. Your hands never have to leave the keyboard. Bulk add everything at once.
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february 2015 by coolpilation
Phabricator, an open source, software engineering platform Phabricator is a collection of open source web applications that help software companies build better software.
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february 2015 by coolpilation

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