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Help out your favorite open source projects and become a better developer while doing it
opensource  programming  contribute  contribution  floss  bug  fixing 
19 hours ago by gilberto5757
Intel Realsense camera App bug in windows 10 creative
Had to uninstall the Intel realsense R500 camera manager and calibration notification app.
windows10  bug  intel  wacom  mobilestudiopro  msp16 
yesterday by flengyel
New KRACK Attack Against Wi-Fi Encryption - Schneier on Security
Some great details in the updates on Bruce Schneier's post. Sounds like the attack is surprisingly simple, taking advantage of the boundary between two pieces designed without considering the whole.
security  wifi  bug  NSA  WPA2 
3 days ago by jchris
How to Report Bugs Effectively
Simon Tatham's bug reporting guidelines; cited by Mozilla's guidelines.
softwareTesting  softwareQA  bug  OpenContent 
4 days ago by JJLDickinson
Bug writing guidelines - Mozilla | MDN
Mozilla's bug writing guidelines, originally written by Aakash Desai; per David Ricciardelli.
Mozilla  softwareTesting  softwareQA  bug 
4 days ago by JJLDickinson
Bug #159356 “System freeze on high memory usage” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu
Search for "Dascalescu".

They haven't done shit to fix it, since 2007.

Windows displays a dialog when the available RAM is too low.
Dascalescu  Linux  Ubuntu  bug  low  memory  freeze 
8 days ago by dandv
Some Contacts not showing up but are still stored in iPhone 4 - Ask Different
I actually figured it out playing with it today, the contact would not appear in my contacts but if I searched my phone they would appear, so if I couldn't find them within contacts...I would first search for the contact...open it...and then edit the contact, then they would show up...

Seemed strange but it works and new contacts are now being added as normal, must have been a glitch at one point as all the contacts that I cannot see were added in about a 2 month span.
iphone  contacts  bug 
8 days ago by tinley

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