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Advisory: (Revision) Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) - HPE ProLiant Gen8-Series Server iLO 4 Settings May Reset to Factory Defaults and the Message "NVRAM was Wiped and Reformatted" Is Logged in the Active Health System (AHS)
The Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) settings may reset to factory defaults on HPE ProLiant Gen8-series servers. This has been observed on iLO 4 firmware version 2.10 through 2.55.
Captured HPE Active Health System (AHS) logs from all affected servers show iLO 4 suddenly rebooting and when iLO 4 is booting, it re-formats the NVRAM where iLO settings are stored. The AHS -> Event logs -> Active Health Events (or AHS -> Event logs -> All Event Logs) may display the following:

Critical,253,12841,PJFS,PJFS Errors, ,Service,05/11/2016 03:08:13, ,NVRAM was wiped and reformatted

Update the iLO 4 to firmware version 2.60 (or later).

The latest version of the iLO 4 firmware is available as follows:

Click the following link:

Enter a product name (e.g., "iLo 4") in the text search field and wait for a list of products to populate.
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yesterday by some_hren
Year-old router bug exploited to steal sensitive DOD drone, tank documents | Ars Technica
In May, a hacker perusing vulnerable systems with the Shodan search engine found a Netgear router with a known vulnerability—and came away with the contents of a US Air Force captain's computer. The purloined files from the captain—the officer in charge (OIC) of the 432d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron's MQ-9 Reaper Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU)at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada—included export-controlled information regarding Reaper drone maintenance.
security  bug  military 
5 days ago by lehmannro
RE: Mnemosyne issues - Google Groups
clear out phone directory, reinstall, copy config.py to phone, sync.
QA  bug  memorization 
6 days ago by coltongrainger
iPhone crashing bug likely caused by code added to appease Chinese gov’t • Ars Technica
Dan Goodin:
<p>The iOS 11.4.1 update Apple released Monday was most notable for making it harder for law enforcement to access locked iPhones. On Tuesday, security researcher Patrick Wardle illuminated another fix. He said his fix addressed code Apple added likely to appease the Chinese government; this is the code that caused crashes on certain iDevices when users typed the word Taiwan or received messages containing a Taiwanese flag emoji.

“Though its impact was limited to a denial of service (NULL-pointer dereference), it made for an interesting case study of analyzing iOS code,” Wardle, a former hacker for the National Security Agency, <a href="https://objective-see.com/blog/blog_0x34.html">wrote in a blog post</a>. “And if Apple hadn’t tried to appease the Chinese government in the first place, there would be no bug!”

Wardle, who is now a macOS and iOS security expert at Digital Security, said he was perplexed when a friend first reported her fully patched, non-jailbroken device crashed every time she typed Taiwan or received a message with a Taiwanese flag. He had no trouble reproducing the remotely triggerable bug, which crashed any iOS application that processed remote messages, including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Wardle did, however, find that only devices with certain region-specific configurations were affected.</p>
apple  taiwan  bug 
7 days ago by charlesarthur
Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents [D. Kriesel]
In this article I present in which way scanners / copiers of the Xerox WorkCentre Line randomly alter written numbers in pages that are scanned. This is not an OCR problem (as we switched off OCR on purpose), it is a lot worse – patches of the pixel data are randomly replaced in a very subtle and dangerous way: The scanned images look correct at first glance, even though numbers may actually be incorrect. Without a fuss, this may cause scenarios like:
esoteric  hardware  bug  security  machine-learning 
8 days ago by kmt
How to file a good bug report
After having to deal with low-quality bug reports in our issue tracker, I've decided to write down some rules for writing a good bug report, and why the quality of bug reports is important for the person opening them as well as for the maintainer.
testing  bug  hcb 
8 days ago by lenciel

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