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Apple: Ein Song ohne Töne steht in den iTunes-Charts | ZEIT ONLINE
An attempt to work around a problem in iOS Bluetooth handling which Also drove me mad in some rental cars. Still doesn't solve the problem you have when needing the connection for navigation I guess.
ios  bluetooth  bug 
yesterday by ssp
Windows 8 64bit can't open chm files - Microsoft Community
The only thing that worked for me was to Uncheck the box "Always ask...when opening this file..." when you first open the file. Afterwards, the popup no longer appears and you can read the CHM file's contents.
windows  winhelp  help  bug  annoyance  solution 
2 days ago by kme
All addons disabled themselves. | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support [https://support.mozilla.org/]
FEBE backup and restore (complete profile) didn't work. I had to do what this guy did, remove and reinstall all of them.

Who knows why.
firefox  extension  addon  bug  annoyance  sortof  solution 
2 days ago by kme
macOS Sierra: Disable Auto-Logout if Sierra Enabled It - The Mac Observer
one way to attempt to prevent mac from randomly logging out and closing all apps.
mac  bug  glitch  fuckyou  sierra  macos  osx 
7 days ago by w1nt3rmut3
Live Preview doesn't update eager-loaded matrix fields · Issue #1787 · craftcms/cms
cms - A content-first CMS that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike.
craftcms  bug  preview 
7 days ago by matthillco
The CADT Model
Why not be honest and resign yourself to the fact that version 0.8 is followed by version 0.8, which is then followed by version 0.8?
bug  jwz 
13 days ago by mjs

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