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Just saw this and thought I’d share here. Aside from partisanship, I think this is such an excellent example of a rhetorically powerful closing message. https://ift.tt/2q3OmYg
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15 hours ago by AaronLMGoodwin
South Carolina Is Lobbying to Allow Discrimination Against Jewish Parents
“Aaron, you’re being hysterical with this persistent comparison of Republicans to Nazis.” https://buff.ly/2EwgltV
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2 days ago by AaronLMGoodwin
How the gutting of the Voting Rights Act led to hundreds of closed polls – VICE News
I think we need a new voting rights act. 📰 Plagued by 45-minute lines at the polls in 2012, Manatee County elected a new supervisor of elections, Mike Bennett. Bennett had previously served in the Florida legislature, but term limits forced him out. While there, he made controversial comments about voting. “Why would we make it any easier? I want 'em to fight for it,” he said in a 2011 speech. “I want the people of the state of Florida to want to vote as bad as that person in Africa who’s willing to walk 200 miles.” Two years after his election, Bennett proposed a 30 percent reduction in the number of polling places in Manatee County, which was not subject to federal preclearance. The proposed closures were primarily in heavily Latino and black areas of the county. https://buff.ly/2NOoTLU
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4 days ago by AaronLMGoodwin

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