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start - RetroBSD
RetroBSD is a port of 2.11BSD Unix intended for embedded systems with fixed memory mapping. The current target is Microchip PIC32 microcontroller with 128 kbytes of RAM and 512 kbytes of Flash. PIC32 processor has MIPS M4K architecture, executable data memory and flexible RAM partitioning between user and kernel modes.
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2 days ago by ssorc
Where is the Red Hat of FreeBSD? Isn't there a comparable company? If so why? : freebsd
Granted it's on Reddit, but otherwise an interesting thread. Consensus seems to be iXsystems and NetApp, kinda.
freebsd  bsd 
3 days ago by rubenerd
BCHS: BSD, C, httpd, SQLite
seems kinda neat. Risky as heck for a dilettante like me.
bsd  c  webserver 
8 days ago by brentfarwick
BCHS: BSD, C, httpd, SQLite
Articles, conference talks…
have more links? let us know.

Role audits with kwebapp
RBAC in BCHS (PDF, video)
AsiaBSDCon, 2018/03
API provisioning with kwebapp
Should I use the BCHS web stack?
EuroBSDCon short answer, 2017/09
Split-process ksql
Rapid web applications with kwebapp
Secure CGI
AsiaBSDCon, 2017/03
BCHS sandboxing with pledge
Using JSON with BCHS
Secure CGI Applications in C on BSD
AsiaBSDCon, 2016/03
bsd  webdev  stack 
8 days ago by euler
The best part of my job when you get to work with family thanks
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11 days ago by timlauer

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