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Battle testing data integrity verification with ZFS, Btrfs and mdadm+dm-integrity
In this article I share the results of a home-lab experiment in which I threw some different problems at ZFS, Btrfs and mdadm+dm-integrity in a RAID-5 setup.
zfs  btrfs  linux  storage  myths  bsdnow  unix  bsd  raid  filesystem  choices  research  thanks 
11 days ago by xer0x
Greyhole - Redundant Storage Pooling using Samba
Easily expandable and redundant storage pool for home servers.

An application that uses Samba to create a storage pool of all your available hard drives, and allows you to create redundant copies of the files you store, in order to prevent data loss when part of your hardware fails.
backup  linux  unix  bsd  samba  storage  hardware  server  nas 
18 days ago by dusko
How My Printer Caused Excessive Syscalls & UDP Traffic
How my printer caused excessive syscall rates and UDP traffic, and how I used DTrace to root cause it.
I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I laugh, because, LOL computers. There’s some new dumb shit you deal with everyday, better to roll with the punches and laugh. You live longer that way.
dtrace  debugging  bsd 
20 days ago by kme
Browsix - Unix in the browser tab
Run C, C++, Go and Node.js programs as processes in browsers, including LaTeX, GNU Make, Go HTTP servers, and POSIX shell scripts.

Terminal: A Unix terminal exposing the dash POSIX shell lets developers compose functionality and inspect Browsix state in a familiar way.

LaTeX Editor: In-browser editor that runs pdflatex and bibtex to generate PDFs. Required < 150 LoC to orchestrate these applications.
unix  bsd  linux  cli  web  c  http  tex  latex  shell  commandline  terminal 
22 days ago by dusko
Sisimai - Mail Analyzing Interface - GitHub
Mail Analyzing Interface: A library to parse RFC5322 bounce emails and generating structured data as JSON from parsed results.
mailserver  sendmail  postmaster  sysadmin  unix  mta  perl  ruby  bsd  linux 
26 days ago by dusko
Sisimai - Library to parse bounce mails - Mail Analyzing Interface
Sisimai is the successor of bounceHammer, is a Mail Analyzing Interface: a Perl module and a Ruby Gem for parsing RFC5322 bounce emails and for generating structured data such as JSON.
mailserver  sendmail  postmaster  sysadmin  unix  mta  perl  ruby  bsd  linux 
26 days ago by dusko

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