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Quantum Computing and Cryptography - Schneier on Security
At its core, cryptography relies on the mathematical quirk that some things are easier to do than to undo. Just as it's easier to smash a plate than to glue all the pieces back together, it's much easier to multiply two prime numbers together to obtain one large number than it is to factor that large number back into two prime numbers. Asymmetries of this kind -- one-way functions and trap-door one-way functions -- underlie all of cryptography.
bruceschneier  quantumcomputers  cryptography 
5 weeks ago by dlkinney
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
“Mobile phone numbers are even better than social security numbers for identifying people,” said security technologist Bruce Schneier by email. “People give them out all the time, and they’re strongly linked to identity.”
bruceschneier  facebook  privacy  security  surveillance  kashmirhill 
november 2017 by nowthis
Surveillance Intermediaries - Schneier on Security
"Surveillance intermediaries have the financial and ideological incentives to resist government requests for user data. Their techniques of resistance are: proceduralism and litigiousness that reject voluntary cooperation in favor of minimal complia…
US-politics  BruceSchneier  surveillance  privacy  PrivacyKitStream  facebook  google  apple 
june 2017 by loughlin
Security Trade-offs in the Longbow vs. Crossbow Decision - Schneier on Security
Rulers choosing between missile technologies thus confronted a trade-off with respect to internal and external security.
INTERESTING  innovation  bruceschneier  crossbows 
january 2017 by Walpole

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