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despite the threatening sky and shuddering earth (they remained) by praximeter (Adult, 71,532 words)
“They really didn’t want the mask to come off.” Hill thumbed through the scans, and pulled out a film that she then handed over to Sam, face mostly expressionless but for the flat line of her pursed lips.
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  Bruce-Banner  Sam-Wilson  ensemble  alternate-history  amnesia  mistaken-identity  hurt/comfort  angst  Horror  schmoop  Epic 
april 2018 by tenillypo
equalopportunityobsessor: The Danger Is I'm Dangerous
Gwen fell in love with a superhero with the understanding that sometimes bad things were going to happen to her. Bruce let Tony bring him back into society with the understanding that sometimes he was going to do bad things.


(Still, neither of them were entirely prepared for what happened.)
fandom:amazing-spiderman  fandom:avengers  gwen-stacy  peter-parker  bruce-banner  trope:injury  trope:rescue  genre:AU  AU:alternate-reality 
july 2017 by notabene
The Future Started Yesterday by monicawoe (R, 31,167 words)
In 2011, the final S.H.I.E.L.D expedition searching for Steve Rogers found nothing.
In 2014, Hydra completed Project Insight and launched three armed helicarriers, killing millions.
In 2028, Tony Stark was killed *
In 2043, the Winter Soldier was decommissioned after 157 successful missions.
In 2111, Steve Rogers was found.
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  Tony-Stark  Natasha-Romanoff  Bruce-Banner  ensemble  futurefic  alternate-history  robots  post-apocalypse  angst  Epic 
march 2016 by tenillypo
togina: pull apart the dark
Steve's unending faith in his best friend was beginning to look less like hope and more like fantasy. When they'd caught the Soldier – in a fire fight that still gave Sam nightmares – the only thing the man seemed to recall was how to hit exactly where it hurt.

Four months later, Barnes still refused to speak English. Refused to heed anything but Steve's voice.

So, all in all, it was not a great time for Hydra to attack New York. All in all, Sam really wished they'd just killed him, instead of turning Captain America into a baby.
fandom:captain-america  fandom:avengers  james-'bucky'-barnes  sam-wilson  steve-rogers  tony-stark  bruce-banner  natasha-romanov  clint-barton  pepper-potts  trope:de-aging  trope:amnesia  trope:ptsd 
november 2015 by notabene
Stem by IamShadow21 (PG, 7,454 words)
Bucky Barnes discovers sugar, demands coffee, makes a variety of involuntary noises, cuddles up to Steve Rogers, regrows a limb, and fakes it 'til he makes it at being a person.
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  Bruce-Banner  Tony-Stark  Sam-Wilson  futurefic  hurt/comfort  schmoop  Mid-Length 
june 2015 by tenillypo
Into That Good Night by Nonymos (Adult, 73,540 words)
Steve Rogers has lived for entirely too long—long enough to see the world's end. The heroes are gone, and the Earth is pushing what's left of mankind towards the exit.

But when a makeshift team rises from the ashes, when a mysterious presence all but drags Steve there, he begins to think there may be hope yet. As they shoot for the stars one last time, Steve will get proof yet again that the future is nothing if not an echo of the past.
fic  crossover  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  Bruce-Banner  Loki  Carol-Danvers  futurefic  Action/Adventure  angst  amnesia  hurt/comfort  post-apocalypse  time-travel  space  Epic  favorites 
march 2015 by tenillypo
Quotidian - metisket - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
He peers out at Queens, alarmingly far below. And yeah, there are Doombots, all right. Doombots everywhere. Blowing stuff up here and there, no apparent goal in mind.

Just. What the fuck is wrong with people?

(Excellent Bruce character piece. Metisket is winning every ensemble-cast award I can dream up. How so good at making every mention, every interaction reverberate, Metisket? HOW.)
avengers  fic  gen  bruce-banner 
december 2014 by llamapi
Through the Glass - dentalfloss - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"Last chance to take it back, Sattler," Clint's voice was rough with strain, his entire body one taut line, and Sattler glared at him darkly. A roar sounded in the background. It was very close.

"Tick Tock, Agent Barton" Sattler snarled, and Clint turned to face the massive emptiness before him that must have been over looking the cliff.

"How is this my life," Clint muttered darkly, the words nearly incomprehensible he spoke so low. He sucked in a deep breath, shoved the arrow shafts between his lips, ducked his head in concentration, and ran full throttle towards the edge of the cliff. (WOWWWWWWWWWW WOW an unscrupulous agent NEUROLOGICALLY PROGRAMS Clint into forced loyalty to SHIELD and renders him physically incapable of disobeying orders from superiors, or you know, telling anybody he's been neurologically programmed. THIS IS A LONG GAME OF SUBTLE MOVES. I love Avengers stories that get into mind control and agency and how Clint and Natasha-- who at various points in their lives had very little control over their choices-- negotiate holding onto themselves while they pretend to be other people. This story is great. Also, A+ Sitwell.)
fic  avengers  gen  clint-barton  tony-stark  bruce-banner  natasha-romanoff  steve-rogers  jasper-sitwell  phil-coulson  nick-fury 
december 2014 by llamapi
I've Suffered Shipwrecks - Chapter 1 - paperclipbitch - The Avengers (2012), Captain America (2011), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Most people, when they break up, sort through their record collections, possibly chuck each other’s clothes onto the sidewalk, engage in soul-destroying coffee dates where they try to sort through the emotional debris, and then leave each other the fuck alone.

Clint and Natasha were never very good at acting like normal people, though, which is why they run a cafe together. (OHHHH YEEEAAAH. Mucho satisfying Avengers ensemble coffeeshop au. Excellent hawk guy; least terrible Loki, sort of. AND THEY GAVE THOR A BABY. Brill.)
fic  avengers  clint/loki  steve/thor  tony-stark  natasha-romanoff  bruce-banner  au  coffeeshop 
july 2014 by llamapi
hetrez: Make Way For Ducklings
Bucky says, "Do you know, after you leave -- every time you leave, after the doctors have taken my mask off, I walk around this place and try to find everywhere you've been. Was your hand on the toaster? Did you lean against the doorway? Where were you on the couch? I haven't seen your face in seventy-five years, not really."
fandom:captain-america  steve-rogers  james-'bucky'-barnes  p:bucky_steve  trope:brainwashing  natasha-romanov  tony-stark  clint-Barton  bruce-banner  fandom:avengers  from delicious
april 2014 by notabene
It’s The Season Where Time Begins to Fade - torakowalski
Six Christmases Past and One Christmas Present. Or the strangest ways the Avengers have spent the holidays.
avengers  clint-barton  natasha-romanov  tony-stark  bruce-banner  steve-rogers  thor  clint/coulson 
january 2014 by vianvamp
coffeebuddha: life will break you
Bruce falls in love with Darcy in bits and pieces.
SHIELD strips Darcy of herself in bits and pieces.
fandom:avengers  bruce-banner  darcy-lewis  tony-stark  nick-fury  natasha-romanov  maria-hill  clint-barton  phil-coulson  from delicious
february 2013 by notabene
Finding Home, - [Harry Potter + Avengers Cross]
When Harry finally accepted the fact that he had stopped aging, ten years had passed and he knew it was time to leave. AU. word count: 61,000
fic  hp  harrypotter  tony-stark  thor  master-of-death!Harry  fanfiction  amazing  avengers  crossover  awesome  friendship  bruce-banner  author:cywsaphyre  from delicious
february 2013 by jumpmybones
These Are Better Days - adventurepants - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When Steve looks at the pictures later, they're not so bad. That's me, he decides. That's me, and these people are on my side.
fic  gen  avengers  steve-rogers  tony-stark  natasha-romanov  thor-odinson  bruce-banner  clint-barton  pepper-potts  mcu 
december 2012 by wondy
A Fire to be Kindled - kepteinen - Multifandom
It makes perfect sense, of course. The serum gave Steve the perfect body, so why wouldn’t it also give him the perfect mind? In the quietness of his own mind, Tony can admit he’s a little stung Steve didn’t tell him, but he’s not really surprised.

(Or: the one where Steve is smarter than Tony, and neither of them deal well.)

word count: 15,600
author:kepteinen  reed-richards  marvel  steve/tony  tony-stark  steve-rogers  clint-barton  natasha-romanov  complete-cast  bruce-banner  pg-13  futurefic  humour  romance  avengers  fluff  insecure!tony  hurt!steve  angst  slash  fanfiction  fic  genius!steve  from delicious
december 2012 by jumpmybones
The Superfamily Report - Oniegiri - Multifandom
Tony and Steve Stark-Rogers are married and happy, but something's missing. When they finally get their family, it's everything they wanted, if a little unexpected.

word count: 64,000
author:oniegiri  civil-war  avengers  superfamily  age-differences  bruce-banner  thor  clint-barton  natasha-romanov  pepper-potts  complete-cast  established-relationship  slash  peter-parker  adoption  love  angst  domestic  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
november 2012 by jumpmybones

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