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Comrades in Arms (PG-NC17 for series)
Bruce Wayne and Wally West have a long history together, going back to when Wally was a kid with a crush and Bruce was too busy being Batman to notice. Now they're both adults and in the wake of the revelations of the Justice Lords the two of them are growing closer together, even as the world (and Lex Luthor) conspire to keep them apart.
fandom:justiceleague  fic  slash  batman/flash  bruce/wally  fluff  angst  pining  series  wip  author:laceymcbain 
september 2018 by megaloo
Wally West and the Crack of Doom by harriet_spy
It wasn't that Wally wasn't aware that the League member assigned to monitor duty was supposed to remain in the main monitor room during his shift, except for emergencies. He wasn't stupid. He knew that. It was just that no one knew better than the League that he, Wally West, couldn't possibly be expected to deal with boredom in a constructive manner, and that boredom for him was clearly defined by "remaining in the same place for five minutes." So he just assumed that there was an unspoken exception to that rule. A Flash exception, the way there was a Batman exception to rules like "Knock before you come in" or "Say please." No one had ever actually said anything about this to him, of course, but that was because they were too darned polite, just like they were too darned polite to say anything about J'onn's outfit.
bruce/wally  kink  dcu 
november 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
The same grim giving by shrift
Poison Ivy hits Batman and the Flash with sex pollen. Nothing wrong with that.
bruce/wally  dcu  kink:sexpollen 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Trespass not on his solitude by shrift
The one where Wally finds Batman's hot tub. Hott.
bruce/wally  dcu 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Waterlogged by shrift
"Maybe you could jimmy it," Wally said, leaning over Batman's shoulder.
bruce/wally  dcu 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
What If...Wally Had a Plan by darkhavens
Companion to "That Which Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen" and "What If...Batman Plays the Game, But Lets Wally Set the Pace"
dcu  bruce/wally 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Newsflash by darkhavens
Deathstroke delivers some unexpected news.
dcu  slade/robin  bruce/wally 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
What If...Batman Plays the Game, But Lets Wally Set the Pace by darkhavens
Sequel to "That Which Has Been Seen." Batman's even more fucked up, yay!
batman  bruce/wally  dcu 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
The Way He Loves and Nooner by darkhavens
Superman is concerned about Wally's new relationship.// Wally decides to pay a "surprise" visit to Bruce at Wayne Enterprises.
batman  bruce/wally  dcu 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Comrades in Arms series
1. Beginnings
2. Movie Night at the Watchtower
3. How to Eat an Oreo Cookie
4. On the Couch, or the Way Clouds Feel
5. Chasing the Moment
6. Threats and Promises
7. What You Don't Know
8. Won't Hurt You
9. Accountable
10. Moving Heaven and Earth for You (WIP)
✿laceymcbain  dcu  bruce/wally  batman/flash  angst  h/c  romance  Masterpost  first❤time  nc-17  100.000+  wip-series✘ 
may 2011 by greenlightshining
The same grim giving by shrift
Summary: "Sex. Gay sex. Gay sex with Batman. Cats and dogs living together. The world was insane. Maybe he should order a pink suit."
Bruce/Wally  first.time  Shrift  sex.pollen  cliché  DC 
july 2010 by southerly
Ordinary Heroes
The episode The Zeppo showed me that Xander could be so much more than the Zeppo. He had the talent to really do good if anyone took the time to work with him.

That idea morphed into something else. Every hero needs someone behind the mask to help him out from time to time. Zorro had Bernardo, Hercules had Iolaus, and Batman had Alfred.

And if Batman can train Nightwing and Robin to follow in his footsteps, why can't Alfred have his own apprentice?
fic  slash  DCU  BtVS  crossover  Bruce/Wally  Dick/Xander  action-adventure  Xander-leaves-Sunnydale  abandoned!Xander  hurt!Xander  hurt/comfort  humor  WIP  long  series  R 
january 2009 by brightnail
The same grim giving
"So it's just you and me, huh?" Flash said, watching Batman flip switches and feeling the Javelin power up around them. Batman didn't answer, didn't even pause in what he was doing, not that Wally expected him to, because that was pretty much a rhetorical question. GL and Hawkgirl were off on a date. Wally had given John a wink and nudge before they left, and he didn't want to call them in if they didn't have to.
f:justice.league  fic  a:shrift  bruce/wally  bruce.wayne(batman)  wally.west(flash) 
september 2008 by sandalstrap
"Maybe you could jimmy it," Wally said, leaning over Batman's shoulder. He stayed close, zipping back and forth to avoid getting rammed by Batman's elbows. He was pretty sure Batman wasn't aiming at him on purpose. Probably wasn't. Batman grunted. "It's protected by a force field." Wally shrugged, although he wasn't sure Batman could see him do it because the water was already up to his chest. "Maybe you could jimmy it a lot?"
f:justice.league  fic  bruce/wally  bruce.wayne(batman)  wally.west(flash)  short 
september 2008 by sandalstrap
The same grim giving
Sex. Gay sex. Gay sex with Batman. Cats and dogs living together. The world was insane. Maybe he should order a pink suit.
dcu  bruce/wally  shrift  fic  kink 
september 2008 by audiopilot

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