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Bruise on Your Conscience by queeniegalore
Bruce needs to learn a new Robin.

“I know that the police in Gotham are useless, or else they wouldn’t need us,” Bruce said mildly, glancing up as Jason emerged from the shower in gym shorts and a loose tee. “But you need to learn to use necessary force only out there, Robin.”
dc  r:e  m/m  bruce/jason  underage  smut 
may 2019 by vk2ria
you're gonna sing the words wrong
5 Times Bruce Didn't Give In and One Time He Did
what it says on the tin.
fandom:dc.comics  c:jason.todd  c:bruce.wayne  bruce/jason  likewinning 
september 2018 by Runespoor
It's all about who has the upper hand and who plays the game better.
"The scene where Jason watches Batman fly from a building and says something like, "I just love to watch you work" really stuck in my head. Specifically, his face as he said it. So this came out as a consequence."
Bruce and Jason, on the not-phone, rehashing usual issues. But what a rehashing it is.
fandom:dc.comics  c:bruce.wayne  c:jason.todd  bruce/jason  kezzy 
september 2018 by Runespoor
nearly brought me to my knees
“You were my life,” Bruce says, and Jason believes him.
they reconcile slowly and navigate - awkwardly but less awkwardly than you'd be afraid - the thing between them.
also, Jason would just like to smoke in peace, thx.
fandom:dc.comics  c:jason.todd  c:bruce.wayne  bruce/jason  figure8 
september 2018 by Runespoor
Till Ludlow tower is down
It's not Red Hood that means he can't go home again. It's the scar on his neck that means he won't.
tiny fic about hahahahahaha Jason's Bruce issues post-UtH. ;_;
i am liberal with the bruce/jason tag.
fandom:dc.comics  c:jason.todd  bruce/jason  katarik 
september 2018 by Runespoor
All dead angry boys come back.
AU of Lost Days/UtH.
I love the narrative, and the very narrow focus of the PoV makes it super interesting. One of my favorite DC stories.
fandom:dc.comics  c:jason.todd  c:bruce.wayne  c:tim.drake  c:cassandra.cain  bruce/jason  theme:alternate-universe 
september 2018 by Runespoor
"This isn't going to be another 'Dad loved you best' thing, is it?"
the fic with the, imo, *super* accurate decription of the nature of Jason and Dick's (and Tim's) Bruce issues. [self: it's *that* fic with *that* quote.]
and similarly to the last one, I'm tagging for the subtext I'm bringing.
fandom:dc.comics  c:jason.todd  c:dick.grayson  bruce/jason  gen  inlovewithnight 
august 2018 by Runespoor
the city carries ruins in its heart
“Do you trust him?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” said Batman, unhesitating.

He didn’t know if he would ever like Red Hood. He didn’t know if he would ever be able to like working with him. He wanted to arrest the man. But if Batman trusted him, that would have to be enough for Jim.

Jim Gordon's evolving perspective on Red Hood.
excellent Jim PoV, in a fic that straddles the line between "Batfam" and "civilians". Also features Batfam fraughtness. So good.
I'm tagging Bruce/Jason because I'm bringing my own subtext and I *will* probably look for this fic on that tag, if you can't stand the ship you're good to read it, it's just gen.
fandom:dc.comics  c:jim.gordon  c:jason.todd  c:bruce.wayne  c:dick.grayson  c:damian.wayne  gen  bruce/jason  nex_et_nox 
august 2018 by Runespoor
Untitled (or How Jason Todd Found His Prostate) - figaro - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason thought about what Bruce had said, how stimulating the prostate would be enough to produce an emission, how one could even climax from it, and Jason imagined that, imagined coming without even jerking off, coming just from a finger up his ass, and he moaned again, zeroing in on his mission.
dcu  bruce/jason  fingering 
december 2013 by themadstork
“And there’s another excellent educational opportunity you’ve managed to extricate yourself from,” he drawled, opening the door and letting Jason in.
Bruce/Jason  DCU  Batfamily  gen 
march 2013 by sansets
Taking The Card
Jason's *hard*, but Bruce looks like he's about to fuck a hole through the motherfucking space-time continuum.
dcu  bruce/jason  firsttime 
january 2013 by themadstork
For I have sinned
Red Hood's tinny laugh rings in his ear, courtesy of the earpiece Jason made sure to leave behind. "Oh, Bruce. You never just drop it, do you?"
Bruce/Jason  DCU  Batfamily 
november 2012 by sansets
The only immortality - Petra
There are rules about this in Bruce's head, just as there are rules for everything.

disjointed series of stories about the relationship between bruce and dick.
series  bruce/jason  bruce/dick  batman  dcu  fic  from delicious
october 2012 by lapsus_linguae
Tomorrow For Today
Deep within Batman's dark contentment, Bruce relaxes. He was-- isn't it stupid? He can admit to himself he was worried, now. As if this was too easy. As if he couldn't expect this sort of happiness to come by without being paid for with complications. Clark's uneasiness had left seeds of superstition after all. They break bones and teeth and gangs, and discover that being faced with Jason's gleaming, growing fangs is as good an intimidation technique as Batman's growl.
Bruce/Jason  au:alternatereality  trope:vampires  DCU  Batfamily 
april 2012 by sansets
these brutal hearts will break the night in two
But the thing is — the thing they don’t tell you in Resurrections ‘R’ Us — you can’t run on rage and insecurity. (At least, not indefinitely.)
DCU  Bruce/Jason  Batfamily 
february 2012 by sansets
runespoor7—something sweet and something strong
It drives Jason crazy. Cause Bruce isn't just the rich, powerful guy that Jason somehow managed to make fall for him. Bruce does it like they're contenders for the romcom of the year. They're not.

It takes talent and time to get Bruce worked up enough to let go of his carefulness.

Jason knows all of Bruce's buttons; those that get him in the mood and those that make him angry.
fic  dcu  bruce/jason 
november 2011 by molt
Taking The Card
"I don't fucking *pity* you! You're a giant pervy freak who wants to lick my ear lobe and I totally wanna let you because it might lead to you sticking your cock up my ass!"
DCU  Bruce/Jason  Batfamily 
november 2011 by sansets
A Soul inslav'd so many wayes by petronelle
I read a story today in a different fandom that all of a sudden developed a soulbond as a sure sign of OTP truth. I reflected on how poorly that trope would work in this fandom.
DCU  fanfic  slash  het  DCU:TimDrake  DCU:KonEl  DCU:DickGrayson  DCU:BruceWayne  DCU:BarbaraGordon  DCU:JasonTodd  Tim/Kon  Bruce/Dick  Dick/Barbara  Bruce/Jason  soulbond/bindingmagic  telepathy:feelings  angst  drabble(s)  Xthings  by:petronelle  Words:<1000  Host:LJ  } 
october 2011 by katalogic
glossing: Cage Match
The appreciation and preservation of precious things are important parts of the Wayne legacy.
bruce/jason  fic  slash  dcu 
september 2011 by fyveryunoriginal

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