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Galen Framework | Automated testing of responsive design
Layout testing seemed always a complex task. Galen Framework offers a simple solution: test location of objects relatively to each other on page. Using a special syntax and comprehensive rules you can describe any layout you can imagine
automation  testing  design  css  browsers  devices  multidevice 
2 hours ago by beep
Your browser version and installed plugins - courtesy of Browser Details
This site offers a handy one-stop shop listing one’s browser details, such as one’s browser name and version, IP address, screen resolution, viewport size, and so on.
browsers  support  useragent  2018  troubleshooting 
6 hours ago by handcoding
An extensive list of browser specific CSS and JavaScript hacks from all over the interwebs.
css  hack  browsers 
6 days ago by vwremglx
The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch
TL;DR: we cannot continue to use as much JavaScript as is now "normal" and expect the web to flourish. At the same time, most developers experience no
javascript  performance  browsers 
10 days ago by tedw

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