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Supertasters among the dreaming spires | 1843
It smells like sweaty cheese in here,” thunders Domen Presern, a chemistry PhD student, announcing his presence at a second-floor Thai restaurant in Oxford. “Something with lactate crystals. Manchego?” “No,” retorts Janice Wang, on a break from her psychology dissertation. via Pocket
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yesterday by minifig
An extension that simulates the appearance of a site as seen by people with slight to extreme vision problems.
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2 days ago by alexj
Why Fast Matters by Harry Roberts // Speaker Deck
We’re all—I hope!—well aware that performance is important; it’s great for business and it’s great for our users. But things are still not fast enough. With more and more emerging markets coming online, and more and more apps moving to the web platform, we’re reaching an intersection where connections are getting slower and websites are getting heavier. In this talk, we’ll learn just what these emerging markets mean to us, and how we can begin to move in the right direction.
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2 days ago by freshmango
Moneyness: On currency
David Birch recently grumbled about people's sloppy use of the term legal tender, and I agree with him. As Birch points out, what many of us don't realize is that shopkeepers have every right to refuse to accept legal tender such as coins and notes. via Pocket
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2 days ago by minifig
- A Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser.
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3 days ago by britt

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