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What’s Wrong With Radicalism - The New York Times
Second, today’s radicalism is more about identity than social problems.

Today’s radicals conduct themselves on the presumption that since life is battle, moral decency is mostly a hypocritical fraud. To get anything done the radical has to commit evil acts for good causes. “The ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means,” Alinsky writes. “Ethical standards must be elastic to stretch with the times,” he adds.


The radicals are looking for meaning and purpose in the wrong way and in the wrong place, and they’re destroying our political world in the process. But you’ve got to give them one thing: They are way ahead of the rest of us. They are organized, self-confident, aggressive and driving history. The rest of us are dispersed, confused and in retreat.
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Ken Clarke: Tories had deal with Rupert Murdoch for 2010 election | Politics | The Guardian
David Cameron may have done “some sort of a deal” with Rupert Murdoch to win the Sun’s support for the Conservatives in the 2010 general election, Ken Clarke, the former justice secretary, has claimed.

“Quite how David Cameron got the Sun out of the hands of Gordon Brown I shall never know,” Clarke said. “Rupert would never let Tony [Blair – Brown’s predecessor] down because Tony had backed the Iraq war. Maybe it was some sort of a deal. David would not tell me what it was. Suddenly we got the Murdoch empire on our side.”
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The Siege Mentality Problem - The New York Times
The siege mentality ends up displacing whatever creed the group started with. Evangelical Christians, for example, had a humane model for leadership — servant leadership — but, feeling besieged, they swapped it for Donald Trump, for gladiator pagan leadership.
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Power grid consumes conversation at local energy conference
Of all the changes that solar power, wind power and related technologies have brought to the century-old business of making electricity, one of the more surprising is that the dullest of subjects – the design and operation of the wires, substations and power plants that make up the grid – is suddenly interesting.
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WATER & FLOUR PRANK ON MARTINEZ TWINS! **Prank Wars** | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
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