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India and the United States in the Trump era: Re-evaluating bilateral and global relations
June 2017 Brookings report
Donald Trump’s election at a time of growing and converging interests between India and the United States necessitates a re-evaluation of several aspects of Indian domestic and foreign policy. This paper identifies four areas in which Trump’s election affects Indian interests: bilateral relations (encompassing trade, investment, immigration, and technological cooperation), the Asian balance of power, counterterrorism, and global governance. It argues that India must continue to engage with the Trump administration and other stakeholders in the United States—including the U.S. Congress, state governments, and the private sector—in all of these areas. New Delhi must attempt to convince Washington that India’s rise is in American interest. This idea provided the underlying logic behind the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations’ engagement with India, but it will be more difficult to sustain given the United States’ new political realities and impulses.
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7 days ago by strohps
The Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation: A model for regenerating cities
June 2017 Brookings report
This paper explores how the Copenhagen model can revitalize cities and finance large-scale infrastructure by increasing the commercial yield of publicly owned land and buildings without raising taxes. The approach deploys an innovative institutional vehicle—a publicly owned, privately run corporation—to achieve the high-level management and value appreciation of assets more commonly found in the private sector while retaining development profits for public use. The model reflects what Dag Detter and Stefan Fölster describe in their forthcoming book, “The Public Wealth of Cities” (Brookings Institution Press, 2017), as capitalizing on unknown or radically undervalued and underleveraged assets.
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7 days ago by strohps
Delivering on sustainable infrastructure for better development and better climate
Dec 2016 Brookings report
This report assesses the constraints that are holding back the scaling of sustainable infrastructure and how to vastly expand infrastructure while avoiding the mistakes of the past. It proposes how to revamp policy and financing frameworks so as to give traction to the implementation of the SDG agenda and to meet the ambitions of the Paris agreement to sharply curb carbon emissions.
brookings  infrastructure 
20 days ago by strohps
The geopolitics of China’s rise in Latin America
Nov 2016 Brookings report
In the past 15 years, China has become the most significant new economic actor in Latin America and the Caribbean. China-Latin America trade increased from almost negligible in 1990, to $10 billion in 2000, to $270 billion in 2012, although the largest portion of this exchange takes place between South America and China. This raises important and legitimate questions about what kind of influence China has had on the region’s economic and political development.
brookings  china  latin_america  geopolitical 
9 weeks ago by strohps
The China challenge, democracy, and US grand strategy
Feb 2019 Brookings policy brief
Amid the rapid growth of China’s international power and influence, the United States will have to make defense of democracy and liberal values a centerpiece of their grand strategy.
brookings  china  grand_strategy  democracy 
march 2019 by strohps
An Influential Think Tank Suggested That Harm Reduction Doesn't Work - Tonic
And the reason why randomized controlled trials haven’t been conducted on needle exchange and naloxone is the same one as why parachutes have never been tested against simply jumping out of planes at altitude. It would be unethical for the control group to be randomized to a potentially deadly study condition like not getting clean needles or access to a drug proven to reduce overdose.
drugs  harmreduction  clinicaltrials  research  brookings 
february 2019 by cera
Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places
Full report on automation;three least automated categories: arts/entertainment, engineering and business.

Highest affected: production, food service and transpo.
brookings  thefuture  AI  automation  america 
january 2019 by JohnDrake
India’s model bilateral investment treaty: Are we too risk averse?
Aug 2018 Brookings report
Our analysis shows that India has not been quite successful in developing a model that balances investment protection with the state’s right to regulate nor in reducing arbitral discretion. In view of this, this paper suggests how these goals could be achieved by providing alternative formulations.
brookings  india  investment  treaty 
october 2018 by strohps
A Blueprint for the Future of AI - Brookings Oct 2018
Each of the papers in this series grapples with the impact of an emerging technology on an important policy issue, pointing out both the new challenges and potential policy solutions introduced by these technologies.
Brookings  AI  ML  robotics 
october 2018 by pierredv

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