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Florida doctor and mom Free Hess exposes suicide tips hidden in clips on YouTube and YouTube Kids • The Washington Post
Lindsey Bever:
<p>minutes into the clip from a children’s video game, a man appeared on the screen — offering instructions on how to commit suicide.

“I was shocked,” [paediatrician and mother Free] Hess said, noting that since then, the scene has been spliced into several more videos from the popular Nintendo game Splatoon on YouTube and YouTube Kids, a video app for children. Hess, from Ocala, Fla., has been blogging about the altered videos and working to get them taken down amid an outcry from parents and child health experts, who say such visuals can be damaging to children.

One on YouTube shows a man pop into the frame. “Remember, kids,” he begins, holding what appears to be an imaginary blade to the inside of his arm. “Sideways for attention. Longways for results.”

“I think it’s extremely dangerous for our kids,” Hess said about the clips Sunday in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “I think our kids are facing a whole new world with social media and Internet access. It’s changing the way they’re growing, and it’s changing the way they’re developing. I think videos like this put them at risk.”

…Andrea Faville, a spokeswoman for YouTube, said in a written statement that the company works to ensure that it is “not used to encourage dangerous behavior and we have strict policies that prohibit videos which promote self-harm.”</p>

Yeah, those policies aren't working. Pay attention, YouTube: Not. Working. Hess has <a href="">documented more of this stuff</a>.
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