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Open Broadcaster Software | Home
Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding.
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db — decentralised broadcast
A peer-to-peer broadcasting service, owned and funded by its listeners, DJ’s, and producers.
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3 days ago by atran
BROADCAST – Society & Space
a closer look suggests that terrestrial broadcasting is an eminently telling example of states not fitting their outlines and being barely capable of maintaining supremacy at their fringes.... State reaction to broadcasting intrusion from across the border has varied from indifference, to punishment, or to prevention measures.... New international borders established after the dissolution of the USSR and Yugoslavia are fertile grounds for studying the mismatch between imagined continuous national space and discontinuous broadcasting realities. ... digital terrestrial TV signal remains vulnerable to severe weather conditions such as storms and high winds but also high air pressure that enables radio waves from distant transmitters to travel further than normal and cause interference (BBC 2019). Hence TV signals and the spaces they cover are likely to fluctuate, shrink or expand over time depending on the time of day and atmospheric conditions. Similar dependence on the weather and terrain applies to sound waves....

Seeking to control the electromagnetic waves, Ukraine has commenced the so-called “war of TV transmitters” (see Figure 4) by renovating TV stations along the line separating Ukraine-controlled territories and the unrecognized LNR and DNR. ... In parallel to erecting new TV transmitters, the Ukrainian government counteracted anti-Ukrainian broadcasting from LNR and DNR by jamming and blocking their signals.
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9 days ago by shannon_mattern
NBC Chimes 1933 - YouTube
NBC staff announcer Kelvin Keech striking the NBC Chimes on the Deagan 20 dinner chime, then giving the WEAF station ID. Taken from the 1933 Paramount short "Captain Henry's Radio Show". The network cue, chimes, and local station ID would have been given at the very end of the program, but are spliced into the opening of this film.
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4 weeks ago by ahall
How 2" Quadruplex Videotape (VTR) Machines Worked - YouTube
Amazingly well-done explanation of basic videotape principles.
history  television  broadcasting 
8 weeks ago by ahall
A Duty to Inform, as well as Entertain: The BBC On the Edge of an Abyss
Peter Jukes on the BBC's failures to inform and educate in recent current affairs coverage of Brexit and other UK politics stories. // 2018 has been a troubling year for those who support public service broadcasting and the national broadcaster's remit to INFORM not just entertain.
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