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Technology Neutrality Essential to Enabling Competitive 5G Communications | Via Satellite, July/August 2017, Jennifer Manner
"Only through following the principle of technology neutrality whereby governments enable platforms, not technologies, to compete, will the future vision of 5G bringing wide-spread advanced communications services to all Americans, wherever they are located, be achieved."

"5G will consist of an ecosystem of communications platforms that will ensure the types of anytime, anywhere communications that users have come to expect. To realize this vision, 5G requires the inclusion of all communications platforms to meet the demands of United States consumers."

"The U.S. government must step away from adopting policies and regulations that focus on enabling a single communications platform to provide needed communications services. "

"While simply splitting spectrum into identically-sized pieces may not be appropriate, it is inappropriate for governments to pick technological winners to the detriment of other technologies. For example, as Congress frees up government spectrum, it must be available to platforms based on a technology neutral basis."

"In its recent [Spectrum Frontiers] decision, the FCC adopted a spectrum sharing regime to enable terrestrial 5G services to the detriment of satellite."
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Bridging the Digital Divide with a High Quality, Low-Cost, Timely Solution | Via Satellite, April 2017, Jennifer Manner
"Fiber is not the only solution to bridging the digital divide and providing broadband services at the FCC-defined broadband speed. In just a couple of months, Hughes Network Services will offer across the continental United States and parts of Alaska a new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) service that offers FCC broadband speeds"

"Even as demand across the country increases for broadband services, the cost of placing additional satellites into service is only a small percentage of the cost to build fiber out to the homes of the final 14 percent of Americans not covered today."
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Satellite constellations could be poised to challenge the broadband industry - LA Times, Dec 2016
"Now, a new generation of satellite entrepreneurs is headed back to the launch pad. Backed by billions of dollars from deep-pocketed investors, they plan to blanket the earth in the next few years with perhaps thousands of miniature satellites beaming cheap, ubiquitous broadband service. What’s different? Launching one of these smaller satellites can cost a fraction of the price for a larger, school-bus-sized satellite. These new satellites will largely be mass-produced. And consumers now demand high-speed Internet connectivity pretty much everywhere, on airplanes, cruise ships and in the remotest village in Africa. "

"By 2022, OneWeb says it will connect every unconnected school to the Internet. Eventually, OneWeb plans a 700-satellite constellation. OneWeb’s satellite manufacturing facility in Exploration Park, Fla. is key to these plans."

"Hawthorne-based SpaceX plans to eventually launch more than 4,000 satellites for its network. Each satellite would be about 13 feet long and 6 feet wide, with 19-foot-long solar arrays."
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Minimum Fibre Download Speed is 30 Mb/Sec
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question for myself: is this neptunomedia? If so it has good broadband with
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Sen Cliff Hite, a former teacher, says he is excited for the help that internet will give students in th…
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Internet of Space Initiative (IoS) | IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
"Today, approximately 60% (4.5B) of the world’s population cannot access the internet. Consequently, there has been a renaissance in interest and investment in space- and suborbital-based high-data-rate communications networks. These networks will have global impact on humanity by affordably delivering high bandwidth information to every part of the world. This area cuts across multiple hardware-oriented fields of interest including: aerospace systems; antennas; autonomous systems; communications; electronics; microwave/mm-wave technology; photonics; position, navigation and timing; power electronics, etc. MTT-S is currently leading an IEEE Future Directions Initiative incubation effort to develop a global community of interest for this emerging ecosystem."
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20 days ago by pierredv
Is the Internet of Space Technically and Economically Viable? Dec 2016
"Most everyone has heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), where connectivity to people and things comes from Earth-bound wired and wireless networks. But fewer technologists know about the evolving Internet of Space (IoS), where connectivity comes from space-based satellites and—in the near future—lower altitude airborne platforms based on drones and even balloons. This article will look at the controversy and challenges surrounding the IoS, from the phrase itself to the technical RF and microwave issues, the business model viability, and finally the competition with terrestrial 5G and LTE networks."
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Comcast Sues Vermont After Being Forced to Expand Broadband | DSLReports, ISP Information
News: Comcast has sued the state of Vermont to avoid having to deploy 500 miles of new cable lines. Vermont is trying to force Comcast to improve broadband availability in the state via its new a href=&quote;
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