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The Worst Internet In America | FiveThirtyEight
...FiveThirtyEight analyzed every county’s broadband usage using data from researchers at the University of Iowa and Arizona State University1 and found that Saguache was at the bottom. Only 5.6 percent of adults were estimated to have broadband.
But Saguache isn’t alone in lacking broadband. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 39 percent of rural Americans — 23 million people — don’t have access. In Pew surveys, those who live in rural areas were about twice as likely not to use the internet as urban or suburban Americans...
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Living Room Connectivity at 24,000 ft | Things With Wings, Aviation Week Jul 2017
"Inmarsat’s Ka-band broadband service, called GX Aviation, and Honeywell’s receiving equipment (the antenna and associated electronics), known as JetWave. "

"Inmarsat’s I-5 satellites, which provide the backbone for GX, have a theoretical maximum of 50 Mbps for each Ka-band receiver that hooks up. "

"On the crown of the aircraft is the Ka-band steerable antenna (see picture below - looking down from above, without the dome), which rotates 0-90 degrees around one axis and 360 degrees around the other, making it be able to point anywhere in the hemisphere above the aircraft. Mounted below the antenna and also under the dome are two receivers (allowing Honeywell to track two I-5 spot beams simultaneously in areas where the beams overlap, always staying connected) and a power amplifier with up-converter and down-converter. "
HTS  satellite  broadband  Inmarsat  Ka-band  AviationWeek 
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Telephone and Data Services Telecom to expand locations in Vermont - VTDigger
Depending on location, most TDS customers in eligible rural areas will receive guaranteed broadband speeds of 25Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload (25/3). Under the agreement with the FCC, the remaining customers will receive broadband service at lower speeds of 10/1 and 4/1Mbps.
broadband  vermont  data  access  services  2017  vtdigger  TDS  internet 
10 days ago by wmaceyka
The internet is fucked (again) - The Verge
Why does this keep happening?
FCC chairman Ajit Pai is fond of saying that “the internet was not broken in 2015” when he argues for repeal of our nation’s net neutrality rules. This is particularly funny to me, because in 2014 I literally wrote an article called “The internet is fucked.”
Why was it fucked? Because the free and open internet was in danger of becoming tightly controlled by giant telecom corporations that were already doing things like blocking apps and services from phones and excusing their own services from data caps. Because the lack of competition in the internet access market let these companies act like predatory monopolies. And because our government lacked the will or clarity to just say what everyone already knows: internet access is a utility.
net_neutrality  gov2.0  politics  fcc  broadband  ISP  internet 
13 days ago by rgl7194
Daring Fireball: The Internet Is Fucked (Again)
Nilay Patel, writing for The Verge:
Most of these things are still true, even after the Obama-era FCC under Chairman Tom Wheeler reclassified internet access as a Title II telecommunications service and imposed strict net neutrality rules on wired and wireless internet providers. And most of these things will get even worse when Pai pushes through his plan to rescind Title II and those rules, despite widespread public outcry.
The lack of competition in the broadband access market is so acute that it doesn’t matter if Comcast is still the most-hated company in America, or that Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) has the worst customer service: you don’t have a choice, so you just have to pay them anyway. Consumers and tech publications can review and argue and debate the merits of products from Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but you just have to take what you get from your ISP.
net_neutrality  gov2.0  politics  fcc  broadband  ISP  daring_fireball 
13 days ago by rgl7194
Nilay Patel on Net Neutrality — MacSparky
Nilay Patel at the Verge brings us up to date on the Net Neutrality issue. I've tried to understand how removing Net Neutrality helps consumers and I honestly just can't see it. Net Neutrality has served us well and allowed many great ideas grow into great companies.
net_neutrality  gov2.0  politics  fcc  broadband  ISP 
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thinkbroadband :: The UK's largest independent Broadband / ADSL troubleshooting website (incorporating news, reviews and comparisons)
Compare 500+ broadband deals from UK service providers. Broadband news, reviews and speed test from the longest running and trusted independent broadband information website (formerly
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ISPreview UK - Top Broadband ISP Internet Service Provider Information Site
Independent UK Internet Service Provider reviews, daily top broadband ISP, news, guides, chat and compare hundreds of the best cheap ISP deals
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Designed lines.
Designing a lightweight, inexpensive digital experience is a form of kindness.
broadband  internet  performance  empathy  society  technology  equality  worldwideweb 
15 days ago by garrettc
Designed lines. — Ethan Marcotte
"We’re building on a web littered with too-heavy sites, on an internet that’s unevenly, unequally distributed. That’s why designing a lightweight, inexpensive digital experience is a form of kindness. And while that kindness might seem like a small thing these days, it’s a critical one. A device-agnostic, data-friendly interface helps ensure your work can reach as many people as possible, regardless of their location, income level, network quality, or device.

The alternative is, well, a form of digital disenfranchisement. Disenfranchisement that’s outlined—brightly, sharply—by our design decisions."

[See also: "The Unacceptable Persistence of the Digital Divide" ]
ethanmorcotte  broadband  empathy  internet  performance  kindness  webdev  2017  digitalredlining  digitaldivide  us  access  accessibility  inequality 
15 days ago by robertogreco
Microsoft pushing for $10B effort to bring broadband internet to rural America
Microsoft unveils $10 billion Rural Airband Initiative to bring better broadband to 23.4 million Americans, to start efforts in 12 states by offering seed money to local ISPs
broadband  investment  microsoft 
16 days ago by joeo10

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