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Schools See 'Incredible Progress' on Internet Connectivity, Report Says - Education Week
The number of U.S. K-12 public school students who now have access to 100 kilobits-per-student, per-second internet access in their classrooms, thus meeting the FCC’s minimum connectivity target. That’s up from 39.2 million students last year. How far has schools’ internet access come, and how far do they have left to go? “I’d say the majority of the work has been done, but the hardest work remains,” Marwell said.
He also wants to see the K-12 sector embrace the more-ambitious target of 1 megabit-per-second, per-student connectivity, which the FCC and others have said will be necessary to keep digital learning advancing into the future.
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2 days ago by WBedutech
LTE Speeds in the US are Really Pathetic – Droid Life Nov 2018
The folks at OpenSignal put out a state-by-state report today that ranks each in terms of download and upload speeds. The report is not something this country should take anything positive from. Now, we already knew that the US compares poorly in internet speeds to the rest of the world, but look at these sad numbers.
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4 days ago by pierredv
Worldwide Broadband Price Comparison 2018 -
Study of broadband pricing in 196 countries reveals vast global disparities in the cost of getting online.
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12 days ago by stevesong
Consumers can ‘pay’ for better broadband with higher prices or reduced choice - analysys mason Oct 2018
"Consumers can ‘pay’ for better broadband with higher prices or reduced choice"

“Investment, regulation and competition investigations are shifting to focus on full-fibre broadband networks, but consumer revenue is what is needed to pay for fibre”

"Consumer revenue is the essential part of the business case for FTTP/B networks ... the full-fibre take-up in Western European countries with a relatively high spend on broadband services has increased significantly"

"(De)regulation and relaxation of competition/merger rules may support higher prices and reduce the intensity of price competition, but can this revenue be used to benefit fibre network investment?"
AnalysysMason  broadband  competition  antitrust 
21 days ago by pierredv
Why 5G is out of reach for more people than you think - CNET Oct 2018
"only 70 percent of rural areas have 10 Mbps LTE download speeds, compared with 91 percent in urban areas"
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26 days ago by pierredv

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