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How access to broadband internet—or the lack thereof—widens the gap between high- and low-income households.
This may be true, but it is also Comcast advertising: Crafted by The Atlantic’s marketing team and paid for by Comcast.

To bad this data does not make Comcast feel responsible for including rural America rather than just taking the sweet spot of the market.
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21 hours ago by briangrimshaw
November/December 2017 - Inmarsat CEO and the $1 Billion Target | Via Satellite Nov 2017
"Can Inmarsat create a $1 billion dollar revenue stream in aviation? Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce is confident the company can do this in around 10 years’ time. It is an ambitious projection, but recent deals with the likes of Qatar Airways and Avianca underline there is still huge potential in this business for Inmarsat and others."

"But aviation is more than just In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) for Inmarsat. The company has three other aviation businesses — government, business and general aviation — and its safety business. What matters to Inmarsat in the medium term is free cash flow generation, meaning that gross margin, net profit margin and capital expenditure levels are vital to the trajectory of its business."

IOT: “The utility for satellite is that you can put connectivity through a very small device on your car or on your train and the applications are many and various. For trains, you are looking at next generation signaling, safety management and operation of the cargo. For cars, you are looking at Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to patch software and protect the vehicle,” he says. “You are also looking at a new era of telematics and treating cars as a large community that you can track and draw situational awareness from.”
ViaSatellite  aviation  broadband  Inmarsat  In-Flight-Connectivity  IFC  IoT 
2 days ago by pierredv
Stop the Cap! Great North American Broadband Ripoff: Canada, U.S. Pay Double What Europe, Asia Pays ·
The European Commission’s latest study on broadband pricing shows while Europe and Asia offer consumers affordable broadband, North American providers are forcing Americans and Canadians to essentially pay twice as much for equivalent levels of service.
Just as was the case in 2015, the report found some of the most costly broadband packages in the world are sold to customers in Canada and the United States. This year, the study found the average Canadian paid more than $52 a month for standalone broadband, in the U.S. an average of $42 a month. In contrast, Europeans paid an average of $30 and Asians paid $22 a month for comparable service. Customers in the U.S. and Canada with a triple play bundle package of broadband, TV, and phone service paid more than double what their counterparts in Asia and Europe did last year.
As U.S. and Canadian providers raise broadband speeds and constrict the number of service tiers they offer, customers are forced into more expensive tiers, whether they need or want them. That further exacerbates the digital divide based on broadband affordability.
In Europe, competition in many EU member states has caused prices to drop for some types of service. Double and triple play packages offering 100Mbps or less declined in price by as much as 10.6% in 2016.
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4 days ago by rgl7194
How to complain about slow broadband speed
If you're not getting the broadband speed you were promised, use our step-by-step guide to complain to your provider and ask them to rectify the situation.
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6 days ago by JohanHWB
Empire Access to acquire Axcess Ontario fiber ring
Empire Access, a telecommunications service provider based in the Finger Lakes region, recently announced it reached an agreement to acquire the Axcess Ontario fiber ring, 200-plus-mile open-access fiber optic network in Ontario County in Upstate New York.
The fiber ring offers telecommunications carriers access to a countywide fiber optic network with the goal of improving telecommunications services in Ontario County. The open-access network provides advanced connectivity for telecommunications carriers and business-to-business companies.
The company will expand service availability to surrounding communities in the upcoming months and offer fiber optic high-speed internet, phone and security solutions to residential and business customers within Ontario County.
new_york  victor  broadband  fiber  networking 
7 days ago by rgl7194
Home Page | Axcess Ontario - Fiber Network Development
Imagine where fiber technology can take us.
With an open-access dark fiber infrastructure and a non-profit approach, we have Ontario County on the fast track to greater economic development, better quality of life and global competitiveness.
By providing this critical resource for advanced connectivity and increased flexibility through quicker, more affordable broadband, businesses and organizations in areas such as healthcare, research, education and local government, as well as residents, will have improved capabilities like never before.
We have the technology to enable faster service for greater capabilities and cost savings than ever before—to help grow jobs, the population and global presence for Ontario County.
Axcess Ontario has the region future-ready and primed for 21st century growth. Powered by the speed of light, there are no limitations.
broadband  fiber  victor  new_york  networking 
7 days ago by rgl7194
MediaTek | MediaTek RT3070 Broadband Wi-Fi | MediaTek
MediaTek RT3070 is an 802.11n Wifi single chip which supports 150 Mbps PHY rate and delivers high performance for compact and inexpensive Wifi devices.
MediaTek  RT3070  Broadband  wi-fi  802.11n 
19 days ago by kilroy2
[pdf] Mobile Is Not an Adequate Substitute for Wireline, CTC for CWA, Oct 2017
via Dale Hatfield

"A report prepared by the engineers and analysts of CTC Technology & Energy with financial support from the Communications Workers of America"
mobile  cellular  5G  wireline  broadband 
21 days ago by pierredv
What is ‘stationarity’, and why does it matter? - martingeddes
"[stationarity] Technically it is the absence of change in the probability distribution of some random variable (in this case of packet loss and delay). You can think of it as being the ‘predictability’ of the network transport."
Martin-Geddes  statistics  stationarity  broadband 
22 days ago by pierredv
Level 3 Communications is now CenturyLink
The $24 billion price tag breaks down into cash and CenturyLink shares for Level 3 stockholders. Level 3 shareholders received $26.50 per share in cash and 1.4286 shares of CenturyLink stock for each Level 3 share. CenturyLink shareholders now own approximately 51 percent and former Level 3 stockholders now own approximately 49 percent of the combined company.
centurylink  business  broadband 
23 days ago by jasonsamuels

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