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OECD broadband statistics update - OECD
The portal shows that the cost of a high-usage mobile plan, which includes voice calls, fell in OECD countries from an average of USD 71 in May 2013 to USD 39 in May 2016 (at purchasing power parity) // while the ONS slept, apparently
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5 days ago by yorksranter
The evolving role of satellite networks in rural and remote broadband access - Papers - OECD iLibrary
David Reed's work

"Satellites serve as an important option to deliver broadband services to residences and businesses in rural and remote regions throughout the world. In OECD countries, the majority of people live in urban areas or at locations that are closely settled enough to use other broadband access technologies on a cost effective basis. Satellite technology, however, is deploying several significant innovations that result in improved services and may radically change the costs of providing satellite broadband. The purpose of this report is to describe these key recent developments based upon new and anticipated satellite broadband deployments, and discuss their implications for the future use of satellites to deliver broadband services to residential and business users. The report investigates how innovation is changing the role of satellites in extending broadband services to underserved areas in relation to other broadband options and important policy challenges to be considered in light of such innovation."
OECD  broadband  satellite  rural 
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Local Communities Can Inject Desperately Needed Competition in the ISP Market | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Last year we witnessed the elimination of critical privacy and network neutrality protections in the broadband market. But these moves would be less dangerous if we were able to vote with our wallets, and choose a provider that respected our privacy and didn’t engage in unfair data discrimination. Unfortunately, most of us have only one choice for high-speed Internet; if Comcast behaves badly we can complain but we can’t hit them where it really hurts by switching to someone else.
The good news: communities across the country are trying to fix that by developing their own community broadband networks. And some members of Congress trying to help. Led by Congresswoman Eshoo, Congress recently introduced HR 4814, the Community Broadband Act of 2018, to empower local citizens to explore community broadband as a means to induce competition and lower prices. In particular, the bill tackles barriers raised by laws in more than 20 states that prevent local communities from building their own networks.
EFF  gov2.0  politics  broadband  community  eshoo  congress 
10 days ago by rgl7194
Why America Needs A Nationalized 5G Network - WIRED
The solution to the country’s digital divide isn’t going to come from private-market competition, but rather from massive government mobilization. Just don’t call it “nationalization.”
rural-economy  broadband  ICT  infrastructure  government-policy  Around-the-web  public-private-partnerships  this-week-412 
10 days ago by areadevelopment
SamKnows - Broadband Availability - Greenwich (LSGRNW) Exchange
Greenwich Exchange
Broadband and Cable Availability in Greenwich
12 days ago by square
What about the network infra behind this
budget2018  broadband  from twitter
18 days ago by Varna
UK hits its 95 percent ‘superfast’ broadband coverage target
'Superfast' broadband with speeds of at least 24 Mbps is now available across 95 percent of the UK, according to new stats published today. T...
20 days ago by srminton
Eutelsat's Belmer: Video Still Holds Key to Successful Future | Via Satellite - January / February 2018 -
VIA SATELLITE: What would you highlight is the single biggest competitive threat to Eutelsat’s business over the next few years?

Belmer: The biggest competitive threat to our business is the indirect pressure we are seeing from fiber deployment. In the past, we used to consider competition as something between rival satellite operators. But today, this is less and less the case as the strategies of major satellite operators are going in very different directions.
ViaSatellite  interview  satellite  Eutelsat  fiber  broadband 
20 days ago by pierredv
BroadbandNow: Internet Providers in Your Zip Code
Find all of the broadband providers in your zip code. Easily research, compare, and shop for internet service in your neighborhood.
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