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Samsung Bolt gets Wi-Fi certification as a 5G hotspot, not a Galaxy phone
Two key differences between the models are their 5G chipsets and network support. South Korea’s model appears to use Samsung’s own Exynos 5G modem, and works with 3.5GHz radio spectrum allocated to 5G in that country. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon modems, by comparison, are designed for use on millimeter wave or sub-6GHz spectra, both of which will be used in the United States. The “V570V” could be a model specific to Verizon, which is expected to add both hotspots and smartphones to its 5G lineup this year
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11 days ago by jasonsamuels
NSR Report: Satellite Broadband & Enterprise VSAT to Generate $159 Billion in Next Decade - NSR Jan 2019
“Satellite Consumer Broadband is just scratching the surface of the opportunity, capturing less than 1% of the potential addressable market,”

"Even with these measures, data caps are still very restrictive with the current balance between ARPUs and capacity pricing. However, once prices decline below 100 USD/Mbps/Month, data allowances can grow generously, activating demand elasticities."

"At the service level, value is climbing to higher layers, like security or app-specific tools, as connectivity commoditizes."
NSR  satellite  broadband  market-research  press-release  VSAT 
12 days ago by pierredv
NYC's Chief Technology Officer Quits 'Industry Stacked' FCC Broadband Committee ·
New York City’s chief technology officer is fed up with a FCC broadband advisory board that is intentionally stacked with cable and phone company interests and has quit the panel after claiming his recommendations were ignored.
Miguel Gamiño Jr. wrote in his March 29 resignation letter that any further participation on the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) that doesn’t accept anything except the telecom industry’s agenda was a waste of his time.
“It is clear that despite good faith efforts by both the staff and members involved, the membership structure and meeting format of the BDAC has skewed the drafting of the proposed recommendations towards industry priorities without regard for a true public-private partnership.” Gamiño wrote. “These circumstances give me no choice but to step away from this committee in order to direct the City’s energy and resources to alternative forums that provide more productive opportunities for achieving the kind of cooperative progress in advancing broadband deployment in the public interest.”
stop_the_cap  fcc  politics  gov2.0  nyc  broadband  lobbying  CxO 
16 days ago by rgl7194
New FCC Data Indicates Future Broadband Access for Most Americans Will Be a Monopoly | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) produced its first Communications Marketplace Report, a biannual report recently required by Congress, to comprehensively assess the status of America’s communications and media market. And here’s the good news: if what you want is a choice of slow, outdated Internet, then the United States market looks great.
The major takeaway of this report, which provides policymakers in D.C. and the states a wide-ranging view of available data to see trends in the Internet, is that competition for broadband only looks good at slow speeds while a vast majority of Americans (EFF estimates at least 68 million) are facing monopoly or no access to high-speed broadband. In comparison to our international counterparts, the FCC currently ranks the U.S. in fifth place globally (an improvement from our 11th place showing last year) for fixed broadband speeds and 23rd place for mobile broadband speeds (yet curiously found that we have universal access to 4G LTE networks).
fcc  broadband  monopoly  report  gov2.0  politics  internet 
17 days ago by rgl7194
1.5 billion mobile connections forecasted by 2025 >>> via >>>
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24 days ago by schee
4 Broadband Recommendations for Education Technology Leaders
includes recommended bandwidth for users in small, medium and large school districts
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29 days ago by WBedutech
Price comparison - Ofcom
A good way to find out what deals are available is to check out the price comparison sites that have been accredited by Ofcom.
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5 weeks ago by herdivineshadow
The rural broadband divide: An urgent national problem that we can solve - Microsoft on the Issues
While it’s a service that is as critical as a phone or electricity, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband is unavailable to roughly 25 million Americans, more than 19 million of which live in rural communities. That’s roughly the population of New York state.
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5 weeks ago by areadevelopment

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