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Meeting Mr Bond :: SteynOnline
To mark today's premiere in London of the new Bond film, Spectre, SteynOnline is offering its own quantum of Bondage this week, starting with our tip of the hat to 007 screenwriter Christopher Wood. Today we go back to where it all began, with Bond on
britain  modern-era  authors 
7 hours ago by Kjaleshire
How Britain embraced referendums, the tool of dictators and demagogues
n the latest of a series of essays we are running on the pros and cons of a second Brexit referendum, Robert Saunders of Queen Mary University of London explains how the vote in 2016 reduced a complex question to an abstract proposition onto which voters could project incompatible versions of Brexit. A vote on a concrete proposition, he says, would focus debate on the strengths and weaknesses of a specific policy, not on the utopias (and dystopias) that predominated before
Economist  referendums  Britain 
11 hours ago by thomas.kochi
Tradition, Culture, and Citizenship
Roger Scruton on Tradition: A high culture of tradition holds together citizenship and culture for a social order.
britain  culture  modern-era 
4 days ago by Kjaleshire
Most of Europe Is a Lot Poorer than Most of the United States - Foundation for Economic Education
America isn't perfect, and Europe isn't a failure, but Europeans are not obviously better off in the long-run from big tax and welfare policies.
europe  america  economics  culture  britain  studies 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
'Der Alte Jude'
A recent book in the Yale University Press series on "Jewish Lives," a biography of the nineteenth-century British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, opens provocatively: "Does Benjamin Disraeli deserve a place in a series of books called Jewish Lives?" Perhaps not, a reader of the book might well conclude. Disraeli has always been a challenge, to Jews and non-Jews, contemporaries as well as biographers. But rereading the man himself, I was reassured that he was entirely worthy of a p...
britain  history  jewishness 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Opinion | The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class - The New York Times
Pankaj Mishra wastes no time getting the boot into the ineptitude of the ruling-class Brexiteers. it's glorious
Politicians and journalists in Ireland are understandably aghast over the aggressive ignorance of English Brexiteers. Business people everywhere are outraged by their cavalier disregard for the economic consequences of new borders. But none of this would surprise anyone who knows of the unconscionable breeziness with which the British ruling class first drew lines through Asia and Africa and then doomed the people living across them to endless suffering.
britain  india  brexit  ireland  pakistan  asia  partition  history  colonialism  pankaj-mishra 
5 days ago by jm
Opinion | The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class - The New York Times
“As partition comes home, threatening bloodshed in Ireland and secession in Scotland, and an unimaginable chaos of no-deal Brexit looms, ordinary British people stand to suffer from the untreatable exit wounds once inflicted by Britain’s bumbling chumocrats on millions of Asians and Africans. More ugly historical ironies may yet waylay Britain on its treacherous road to Brexit. But it is safe to say that a long-cossetted British ruling class has finally come to the end of itself as it was.”
Pankaj_Mishra  NYT  2019  India  Pakistan  Brexit  Britain  Ireland 
5 days ago by Preoccupations
Corbyn's war on the free press is proof he's unfit to be PM
Jeremy Corbyn, like many people, reveals himself in moments of stress.
britain  politics 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Churchill, Orwell, and Why We Admire Them
In an age of postmodern hyper-individualism, Churchill and Orwell’s advocacy of individual liberty isn’t what is most interesting about them.
britain  history  books  philosophy 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Assault on Winston Churchill, 2018: A Reader's Guide
Index to the assault on Churchill prompted by Gary Oldman's performance in "Darkest Hour." Note the similarity of topics. Many writers feed off each other, repeating each other's lines.
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Reading the State of Britain with Roger Scruton
In Where We Are, Roger Scruton helps us see Britain's possible futures, but the question remains: is he pessimistic enough?
britain  culture 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Field Marshal Guthrie, 79, 'on the mend' in hospital after he fell off horse at Trooping The Colour | Daily Mail Online
The 79-year-old was rushed to hospital after being treated at the scene by paramedics. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: 'He's being treated in hospital. 'We wish him a speedy recovery.'
culture  britain  current-events 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Ladurée, restaurant, salon de thé, et spécialiste du macaron
Check our US stores and book a table at one of our restaurants.
britain  france  culture  food 
6 days ago by Kjaleshire
The Prince, the President, and the Providence of the Temple | Spengler
Prince William, the second-in-line to the British throne and its future heir, visited the Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Thursday. His visit was the first official visit by a member of Britain's royal family to Israel, and his appearance at the Kotel has enormous significa...
history  israel  britain  politics  america  jewishness  current-events 
6 days ago by Kjaleshire

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