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2 days ago by mshook
Being a British Citizen – Alexandra D-S – Medium
"Thursday nights are for a drink in the pub with work friends, well probably more than one. Fridays are spent hungover because being British, you know that Fridays are a fraud. Nothing of any real importance happens on a Friday."
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5 days ago by benterrett
Pub warned after DJ played Peppa Pig theme tune when police officers walked in - Wales Online
The bar’s DJ played the Peppa Pig theme tune and made snorting noises when police visited in October this year.

As a result North Wales Police applied for a review of the pub’s licence and the restriction of opening hours.

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8 days ago by whip_lash
Why is Southern Rail like an aircraft carrier? - Radix
It was a crucial moment, when civil servants realised they could pay for the outward manifestation – the shiny new trains, the new logos, the timetable or the aircraft carrier – while cutting out all the support infrastructure that would protect it and make it effective.

That is now happening throughout our services, perhaps primarily the result of a lobotomised civil service – who can’t distinguish between the political needs of their masters and reality.
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20 days ago by mayonissen
Comparative Litigation Rates
We suggest that the notoriety of the U.S. does not result from the way citizens and judges handle routine disputes, which (different as it may be in developing countries) is not very different from in other wealthy, democratic societies,. Instead, American notoriety results from the peculiarly dysfunctional way judges handle disputes in discrete legal areas such as class actions and punitive damages
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21 days ago by nhaliday
Amateur U.K. Archaeologists Stumble on a Roman Masterpiece - The New York Times
With just two weeks to dig, a team of local people uncovered a spectacular mosaic, what experts are calling the most important of its kind in 50 years.
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29 days ago by pagecarr

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