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CESifo Group Munich - Shocking Racial Attitudes: Black G.I.s in Europe
Can attitudes towards minorities, an important cultural trait, be changed? We show that the presence of African American soldiers in the UK during World War II reduced anti-minority prejudice, a result of the positive interactions which took place between soldiers and the local population. The change has been persistent: in locations in which more African American soldiers were posted there are fewer members of the UK’s leading far-right party, less implicit bias against blacks and fewer individuals professing racial prejudice, all measured around 2010. We show that persistence has been higher in rural areas and areas with less subsequent in-migration.
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UKMT November 2017: Priti Little Liars - The Something Awful Forums
The popular case should have been some mix of:

1) Europe spent the first half of the last century drowning itself in blood and the EU was set up to stop that, a project at which it has succeeded spectacularly.

2)Britain has never been entirely comfortable with the political-integration stuff but that's fine, we've already got a bunch of opt-outs on it that amount to a special kind of privileged membership that no-one else, even the Germans, have.

3) Britain is not an imperial power any more, it's a mid-sized nation, and small countries get bullied around by bigger ones. So much better to be part of a big bloc that can stand up for its members.

4) Life is pretty shit for many people but this isn't a consequence of membership of the EU, it's a consequence of domestic policies and a political system that's massively over-centralised in London and the Home Counties. If we want to be more like fellow-EU-member Germany, where the prosperity is shared out much more evenly, then we need to start doing something about it.

5) Most of our trade is with Europe and our economy is closely entwined with it, so in or out we're going to have to pay attention to what the EU wants and what laws it passes. Much better to be in, where we actually have quite a lot of clout and people listen to us, than out where we'll be totally ignored and told to suck it up or fuck off.
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Politics with Hidden Bases: Unearthing the Deep Roots of Party Systems
The research presented here uses a novel method to show that contemporary party systems may originate much further back than is usually assumed or might be expected—in reality many centuries. Using data on Ireland, a country with a political system that poses significant challenges to the universality of many political science theories, by identifying the ancestry of current party elites we find ethnic bases for the Irish party system arising from population movements that took place from the 12th century. Extensive Irish genealogical knowledge allows us to use surnames as a proxy for ethnic origin. Recent genetic analyses of Irish surnames corroborate Irish genealogical information. The results are particularly compelling given that Ireland is an extremely homogeneous society and therefore provides a tough case for our approach.
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Scotland’s many subcultures - Demos Quarterly
surname method

Turning to our analysis of the YouGov results, it was much to our surprise that the strongest majority support for independence was not among ‘pure’ historic Scots, but among people of Irish Catholic descent: with the latter being only 6 per cent net against independence, and historic Scots 16 per cent against. On the surface one might suppose this group would take its political lead from the Labour Party, for which it votes more consistently than any other group in Scotland.
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Table 2: Big Five Personality Traits: Predictions.
Figure 3: Relationship between personality traits and stable party identification
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No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore -
Many Britons see their country as a brave galleon, banners waving, cannons firing, trumpets blaring. That is how the country’s voluble foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, likes to describe it.
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RT : Citizens here from give much more to than they take. Read and share ’s new report Link…
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