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WatchOS 5.1.1 Fixes Bricking Issues From Previous Faulty Update
Apple has just released watchOS 5.1.1, about a week after watchOS 5.1 was released and quickly removed after some users reported the update made their Apple Watch Series 4 freeze permanently. With watchOS 5.1.1, Apple has provided the updates intended to ship with the fatal watchOS 5.1 update previously. This includes support for more than 70...

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WatchOS  5.1.1  Fixes  Bricking  Issues  From  Previous  Faulty  Update 
november 2018 by vrzone
How To Prevent This Telugu Character From Bricking Your iOS Device
Users of Apple devices (running iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS) have been reporting the circulation of a Telugu text bomb over the past few days. It comes in a form of a Telugu character that threatens to crash certain applications or, worse, brick your device. Telugu is a classical Indian language spoken by about 75 million inhabitants...

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How  To  Prevent  This  Telugu  Character  From  Bricking  Your  iOS  Device 
february 2018 by vrzone
Google's Nest increasingly looks like a giant shit show.
bricking  from twitter_favs
april 2016 by planetearthjason
Watch That Windows Update: FTDI Drivers Are Killing Fake Chips
FTDI windows driver update bricks counterfeit chips. Which is okay, except most people have no idea they are using counterfeit chips, so let the bricking begin.
FTDI  USB  serial  TTL  chip  brick  bricking  windows  driver  update  counterfeit  detection  EEPROM  vendor  ID  reset  bug  uART  Delicious 
october 2014 by asteroza
LG Will Take The 'Smart' Out Of Your Smart TV If You Don't Agree To Share Your Viewing And Search Data With Third Parties | Techdirt
I think the company must be in breach of contract since the smart functions are no longer available. Surely in the uk at least you should not be able to change the goal posts at will. Any one sorted this problem yet??

Before some smart alec says "Take It back". We bought the set because it satisfied our criteria at the time. We did not expect some legal bully to come along nearly two years later and tell us to share all our information with the world OR ELSE??
Oldlad poses good questions. Does a manufacturer have the right to "brick" certain integral services just because the end user doesn't feel comfortable sharing a bunch of info with LG and other, unnamed third parties?
privacy  internet_of_things  tech  contract  bricking  privacy_policy 
may 2014 by wck
Fake 'Xbox 360 backwards compatibility' guide is bricking Xbox One consoles
A guide with instructions on unlocking Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on the Xbox One was published on the web, but as some unlucky users found out, the guide simply bricked Microsoft’s next-gen console. The guide lists six steps that include accessing the developer console for unlocking compatibility, but as expected, the instructions do nothing towards [...]

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Fake  ‘Xbox  360  backwards  compatibility’  guide  is  bricking  Xbox  One  consoles 
december 2013 by vrzone
Slate -- Why 2024 Will Be Like Nineteen Eighty-Four
'Most of the e-books, videos, video games, and mobile apps that we buy these days day aren't really ours. They come to us with digital strings that stretch back to a single decider—Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, or whomever else. Steve Jobs has confirmed that every iPhone routinely checks back with Apple to make sure the apps you've purchased are still kosher; Apple reserves the right to kill any app at any time for any reason. But why stop there? If Apple or Amazon can decide to delete stuff you've bought, then surely a court—or, to channel Orwell, perhaps even a totalitarian regime—could force them to do the same. Like a lot of others, I've predicted the Kindle is the future of publishing. Now we know what the future of book banning looks like, too.' -- B&
amazon  censorship  cloud  puppetry  bricking  unbook  thoughtcrime  1984  liminality  liminalobjects  objects  ownership 
july 2009 by adamcrowe

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