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Walmart Pleads Guilty After a Decade of Bribes (The New York Times)
A settlement ends an inquiry into the retailer’s dealings with government officials around the globe, which came after a New York Times report in 2012.
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june 2019 by mjb
US 'now a full-fledged banana republic' after revelations over Mitch McConnell wife's $78m grants | The Independent
Donald Trump's transport secretary designated a special liaison to help with grant applications from her senator husband’s state, paving the way to fund projects worth $78m (£62m), it has been reported.

Elaine Chao personally asked a Department of Transportation aide to serve as an intermediary and advisor to Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his Kentucky state officials, according to emails seen by Politico.

The projects funded – as Mr McConnell prepared to campaign for re-election – reportedly included road improvements in Republican political strongholds for which grant applications had previously been rejected.

Walter Shaub, a former director of the US Office of Government Ethics, described the arrangement as “the sort of thing that should lead to the impeachment" of an official.

“We are now a full-fledged banana republic,” the vocal Trump critic added.
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june 2019 by Quercki
US 'now a full-fledged banana republic' after Mitch McConnell wife $78m grants revelation | The Independent
Donald Trump's transport secretary designated a special liaison to help with grant applications from her senator husband’s state, paving the way to fund projects worth $78m (£62m), it has been reported.
corruption  government.corruption  kleptocracy  kakistocracy  mitch.mcconnell  bribery 
june 2019 by po
This little guy knows I’m sick and won’t let me out of bed. Even when I offered him bacon
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may 2019 by KateSherrill
The bright side of the college admissions scandal — Quartz
It’s also evidence that elite universities have actually become much more meritocratic.
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march 2019 by po
College Admissions Scandal: FBI Targets Wealthy Parents - The Atlantic
For the parents charged in a new FBI investigation, crime was a cheaper and simpler way to get their kids into elite schools than the typical advantages wealthy applicants receive.
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march 2019 by po

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