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New Yorkers: @BriarApp is hosting a meetup this Saturday!
Briar - an [OTF-supported] open­ source, peer-to-peer encrypted messaging app designed for activists, journalists, rights defenders - recently went live with version 1.0 The decentralized app synchs messages directly between users' devices via Bluetooth or WiFi so in the event of a network disruption, you can still communicate. If you're in New York this Saturday, Briar is hosting a meetup at The Calyx Institute in Brooklyn. You'll have the chance to meet with a Briar developer who will explain Briar, how it works, answer questions, and share other ways you can get involved with Briar. Find the full address and more details at the link above. Note: you'll need an Android device to participate in the fun. You can download Briar 1.0 here
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june 2018 by dmcdev
in the very palm of your hand - dirgewithoutmusic - Emelan - Tamora Pierce [Archive of Our Own]
A series of moments for each of the Emelan kids and for each of their friendships. From age ten, through disasters together and disasters apart, they are a family and they have made a home.
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january 2016 by adanska
Printable Graphic Briar Rose Flower Children Image Girl Download Digital Vintage Clip Art for Transfers etc HQ 300dpi No.078 by VintageRetroAntique
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january 2016 by vintageretroantique

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