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Customer Experience Professionals Association: CS Disruptors 2018 - Brian Solis
The Customer Experience Professionals Association recently released a video asking a series of “CX disruptors” for their insights on the latest developments, with Brian Solis quoted several times.
advice  customer  cx  experience  insights  interview  press  publicity  thoughts  video  brian  solis 
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Popping the Bubble: Brian Solis enters his Madonna Like a Virgin phase - Brian Solis
Sandra Ponce de Leon of the Popping The Bubble blog recently interviewed Brian Solis for their podcast, where they talked at length about digital disruption, digital addiction, and the steps you can take in your life to combat it.
actions  addiction  advice  digital  disruption  interview  podcast  press  publicity  brian  solis 
3 hours ago by briansolis
Solvis Consulting: “The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto” para la transformación digital de las organizaciones - Brian Solis
The Spanish-language Solvis Consulting blog recently did an overview of Brian Solis’ report on the Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto.
advice  agent  change  digital  press  publicity  report  transformation  Trends  brian  solis 
4 hours ago by briansolis
Holistic Marketing Concepts: How to Tell if You’ve Been Hijacked by Technology (and what to do about it) - Brian Solis
The Holistic Marketing Concepts blog recently looked at and recapped Brian Solis’ keynote address at the 2018 South By Southwest (SXSW) conference, regarding the trend for technology to hijack our minds and what steps we can take about it.
address  conference  hijacking  keynote  press  publicity  sxsw  talk  technology  video  brian  solis 
4 hours ago by briansolis
Clicktale: Brian Solis on the future of customer experience - Brian Solis
Liraz Margalit of the Clicktale blog recently conducted a Q&A with Brian Solis at CDO Israel, and posted the video at their website.
behavior  brands  customer  emotion  experience  interview  mobile  press  publicity  q&a  ux  video  brian  solis 
4 hours ago by briansolis
TheOofy: WhatsAround,,… How Blockchain Sparks A Social Media Revolution - Brian Solis
Ester Gritsaeva of fintech blog TheOofy recently wrote an article on the interesting confluence between blockchain technology and social media, quoting from Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.
blockchain  innovation  press  publicity  quote  Social  Media  trust  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
ZDNet: How Neiman Marcus's top-down innovation strategy transformed retail and increased revenue - Brian Solis
Alison DeNisco Rayome of tech publication ZDNet recently did a look at clothing retailer Neiman Marcus’ efforts at tech innovation, and interviewed Brian Solis about the details.
digital  experiments  innovation  interview  lab  neiman  marcus  press  publicity  retail  brian  Solis 
12 days ago by briansolis
No Jitter: How Not to Become a Victim of 'Digital Darwinism' - Brian Solis
Tim Pickard of Enterprise Connect’s “No Jitter” blog recently did an article on how not to fall behind with the rapid pace of technology, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.
advice  darwinism  digital  pace  press  publicity  report  Social  Media  tips  transformation  brian  solis 
12 days ago by briansolis
SXSW: Brian Solis at SXSW 2018 - Brian Solis
The South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival recently posted a video excerpt of Brian Solis’ 2018 keynote address.
2018  address  festival  keynote  press  publicity  sxsw  video  brian  Solis 
12 days ago by briansolis
MarTechSeries: Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Garner More Customer Reviews - Brian Solis
Nivedya Varma of industry publication Marketing Technology Insights recently compiled an overview of advice for companies to use social media to garner more customer reviews, and quoted Brian Solis within the article.
advice  customer  press  publicity  report  reviews  Social  Media  tips  brian  solis 
12 days ago by briansolis
Repeat Customer Podcast: How Sephora created a futuristic, omnichannel customer experience - Brian Solis
Brian Solis was recently featured on Zendesk’s “Repeat Customer” podcast, giving the hosts a behind-the-scenes look at cosmetics success story Sephora.
innovation  interview  podcast  press  publicity  brian  solis 
14 days ago by briansolis
Lexology: VidCon 2018: What I Learned From My First VidCon Experience - Brian Solis
At news aggregator Lexology, Farnaz Zanjani of Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP recently wrote an overview of the 2018 VidCon conference, in particular citing Brian Solis’ keynote address.
2018  address  authenticity  conference  digital  influencer  keynote  press  publicity  trust  vidcon  brian  solis 
15 days ago by briansolis

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