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Retail Customer Experience: How poor customer service impacts the retail customer experience - Brian Solis
Industry website Retail Customer Experience recently wrote an article about how poor customer service impacts the retail customer experience, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’s report with Altimeter on the subject.
customer  customer+service  cx  experience  press  publicity  report  retail  brian  solis 
2 days ago by briansolis
Connected Futures: Defying Demographics: Today’s Hyperconnected Consumer ‘Generation’ - Brian Solis
The Cisco corporate blog, “Connected Futures,” recently did a profile of Brian Solis, looking in depth at his term “Generation C” and how it differs from age-defined generational groups like Millennials.
customers  digital  behavior  generation  c  interview  mobility  press  publicity  brian  solis 
2 days ago by briansolis
WorthIx: Designing the Future of CS with Brian Solis - Brian Solis
Emma Waldron of industry website WorthIx recently interviewed Brian Solis for their podcast, where their wide-ranging discussion included at look at data transformation and the future of the CX industry.
advice  customers  cx  digital  darwinism  future  futurism  interview  podcast  press  publicity  transformation  brian  solis 
2 days ago by briansolis
iperceptions: In-store shoppers are not satisfied with their mobile experience and more CX stories you should read - Brian Solis
The blog of marketing company iperceptions recently did a round-up of interesting customer experience articles around the web, and included Brian Solis’ essay on how brands must look beyond merely having a mobile presence.
advice  customer  cx  engagement  mobile  press  publicity  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
Campaign Middle East: Power Essay – Generation C: More than just a demographic - Brian Solis
Ahmad Itani, CEO of Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, recently posted an essay at the Campaign Middle East website, looking in-depth at the so-called “YouTube Generation” and including extensive quotes from Brian Solis on the subject.
consumers  creatives  curation  generation  c  influencers  millennials  press  publicity  youtube  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
Digital Signage Today: McDonald's and interactivity claim top September 2018 headlines - Brian Solis
Industry publication Digital Signage Today recently did a roundup of their most popular September 2018 stories, quoting extensively from Brian Solis’ thoughts on customer engagement.
attention  customer  digital  engagement  press  publicity  signage  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
Epic Presence: The B2B Marketer’s Guide to the Future of Social Media - Brian Solis
Marketing company Epic Presence recently released a guide to the future of social media for B2B marketers, highlighting Brian Solis’ work at Altimeter when it comes to influencer marketing.
altimeter  b2b  Business  -  Marketing  future  influencer  press  publicity  brian  solis 
4 weeks ago by briansolis
Digital Signage Today: 2 keys to digital signage engagement - Brian Solis
Industry publication Digital Signage Today recently did an interview with Brian Solis about how companies can better engage their customers through signage.
advice  customer  engagement  interview  press  publicity  signage  tips  tricks  brian  solis 
4 weeks ago by briansolis
Sven Esser: Brands of the Future: The Critical Relationship Between BX, CX, UX and EX – Brian Solis - Brian Solis
At his blog, industry expert Sven Esser recently highlighted Brian Solis’ report on “The X Framework of Experience Design,” showing the ways that CX, BX, EX and UX come together for companies.
advice  bx  cx  ex  Experience  Design  press  publicity  report  ux  brian  solis 
4 weeks ago by briansolis
LiftIgniter: Experience is Everything: Why Real-time Personalization Matters in a Post-GDPR World - Brian Solis
Software company LiftIgniter recently hosted a webinar with Brian Solis on the subject of real-time personalization with customers; this article at their blog summarizes the highlights.
ustomer  experience  gdpr  presonalization  press  publicity  webinar  brian  solis 
6 weeks ago by briansolis
Fonolo: 5 More Contact Center Reports Worth Your Time - Brian Solis
The Fonolo industry blog recently did an overview of great reports regarding contact centers, citing Brian Solis’ recent look at the rise of collaborative contact centers.
altimeter  collaboration  contact  centers  press  publicity  report  Trends  brian  solis 
6 weeks ago by briansolis

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