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Messi to Madrid! | Brian Phillips
An appreciation of soccer’s ludicrous, misleading, and fabulously entertaining transfer rumor mill.
24th  august  2010  slate  brian  phillips  football 
yesterday by pnjman
MARTECH Advisor – 2019: The Year Of New And Improved Customer Experiences
In a recent article, MARTECH Advisor looked to the timeless wisdom of Brian Solis while discussing how customer experience has become the the key element that sets brands apart from one another.
brand  marketing  brian+solis  Business  -  customer  experience  cx  martech  brian  solis 
8 days ago by briansolis
Futurist Frank Diana Names X “Book Of The Week”
Futurist Frank Diana names X “Book of the Week”:

Excerpt: The book of the week for the week of January 14th is X: The Experience when Business meets Design by @briansolis. Find this and other great books in my book library…
book  of  the  week  brian+solis  Frank  Diana  futurist  X  X:  Experience  When  Business  Meets  Design  brian  solis 
8 days ago by briansolis
LinkedIn – What Does Brand Mean In 2019?
At the recent Brand Innovators Megatrends at CES, Jay Mandel was left pondering the question, "What does brand mean in 2019." He found wisdom in Brian Solis regarding relevance in an ever evolving world of innovation.
brand  innovation  innovators  megatrends  brian+solis  ces  relevance  brian  solis 
9 days ago by briansolis
Demand Gen Report – Podcast: The Future Of Influencer Marketing Is Influencer Relations
In a recent podcast interview with Demand Gen Report, Brian Solis discusses what he termed, “Influence 2.0”, and much more.
altimeter  group  demand  gen  report  influence  2.0  influencer  relationships  influencers  podcast  interview  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
CNET – Uber, Lyft IPOs To Mint Next Batch Of Bay Area Millionaires
In a recent CNET article pondering the overall effect of all the tech IPOs planned for 2019, Brian Solis had a few thoughts of his own.
bay  area  Tech  brian+solis  ipo  lyft  san+francisco  millionaires  uber  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
BizCommunity – #BizTrends2019: 4 Niche E-Commerce Stores Driving Innovation In Online Shopping
A BizCommunity article recently called out the expertise of Brian Solis regarding the need for ecommerce innovation in the customer experience, highlighting 4 niche retailers utilizing strategies that are a step above.
brian+solis  customer  experience  cx  ecommerce  innovation  niche  retailers  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
Innovation Excellence – Top 40 Innovation Bloggers Of 2018
After heavy thought and consideration, Innovation Excellence just announced their selections for the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2018, listing Brian Solis as #32.
blogger  of  the  year  brian+solis  innovation  excellence  leaders  top  40  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
MARTECHSERIES – Majesco Announces Brian Solis As A Keynote Speaker At Convergence 2019
MarTechSeries Announcment: Convergence 2019 – Brian Solis to be Keynote Speaker.

Excerpt: Majesco, a global provider of market-leading insurance technology announced that Brian Solis will be a keynote speaker at its upcoming customer conference Convergence 2019 taking place in Savannah, Georgia on April 14 – 17, 2019.
brian+solis  convergence  convergence2019  keynote  Speaking  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
Marketing Land – 2019 Mobile Marketing Predictions From Industry Veterans
Marketing Land recently sought the expert opinions of leading business industry veterans, including Brian Solis, regarding mobile technologies and what the future holds for mobile marketing.
brian+solis  business  marketing  communications  customer  experience  cx  future  of  mobile  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
CNET – Google Is Primed To Go Big At CES Again
In a recent CNET article discussing how Google plans to make a bigger splash at the 2019 CES Show than in the previous year with their plan to make Google Assistant, Google Services, & Google devices central to every aspect of people’s lives, Brian Solis offered some timely advice.
brian+solis  ces  CES2019  google  assistant  services  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
Econsultancy – What Are “Change Agents” And Why Are They The Future Of Organisational Culture?
Econsultancy recently looked to Brian Solis and his published work, the Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto, while discussing digital transformation, posing the question, “What are change agents, and why are they crucial?”
change  agents  digital  agent  transformation  future  of  work  organizational  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
IoT For All – The New IoT Era Requires Better Standardization
In a recent article, IoT For All looked to Brian Solis for introspective wisdom regarding the future that is upon us; a future where everything is connected, and artificial intelligence & human intelligence interface as one.
ai  artificial  intelligence  brian  solis  digital  darwinism  internet  of  things  iot  machine  learning 
11 days ago by briansolis
Audiense:resources – Who Runs The Social Intelligence World?
In a recent influencers report, audiense:resources crunched the data to reveal the most influencial leaders in the field of social intelligence across the globe. Extracting data from 1,046 of the most important public figures, the largest influencers of professionals in the space, Brian Solis was in good company, named #4 among the top 10 Macro Influencers for the audience of Social Intelligence professionals, Elon Musk being #1, and Guy Kawasaki being listed as #6.
brian+solis  macro  influencer  social  intelligence  Media  top  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
Forbes – Influence And The Influencer: Persuading Audiences Through Social Identity
In a recent Forbes article discussing understanding the exercise of influence and social identity on the public, Brian Solis’ approach to determining influence was quoted alongside the likes of Robert Cialdini & Dale Carnegie.
brand  influencer  briansolis  influence  influencers  social  identity  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
CMS WiRE – Why Nano-Influencers Are A Social Media Marketers Secret Weapon
A recent article by CMS WiRE, looked to research by Brian Solis, to help explain why “Nano Influencers” with highly focused followings of 1,000 – 5,000, are becoming more important to brands in order to achieve more engagement of highly targeted audiences.
brand  engagement  marketing  brian+solis  influencers  instagram  nano  Social  Media  twitter  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
Inventiva – Online Marketplaces Must Go Beyond Sales To Experiences
A recent article by Inventiva looked to Brian Solis to discuss the needed evolution of a more complete ecommerce experience in marketplaces, in order to remain competitive with the consumers and the merchants that they serve.
brian+solis  brian  solis  customer  experience  cx  market  report  marketplace  state  of  digital  marketplaces 
11 days ago by briansolis

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