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Channel Surfing - astolat
“So what the fuck even was that last night,” Letty said to Mia, the next morning, after the guys went off to the garage. “Do they do this—”

“All the time,” Mia said.
fast&furious  brian/dom  brian/mia  dom/letty  canondivergence  c:oneshot/-7k  married!  outsidepov  polyamory!  infidelity! 
september 2017 by floatondown
The Next Quarter Mile - astolat
“We going to get somewhere anytime soon?” Dom said.

Brian was staring out the windshield. “Do you trust me?”

“What the fuck kind of question is that?” Dom said.

“If you say yes, I’m going to take you on the worst fucking ride of your life,” Brian said. “Do you trust me?”
fast&furious  brian/dom  brian/mia  canondivergence  fusion!  x-men  mutant!  precog!  ontherun!  action/adventure  family!  polyamory!  lovespell!  onlynotreally  loveconfession!  loves  c:15-50k 
september 2017 by floatondown
The Rule of Three - jelasdax
In the second before Brian struck with his knife a strange chirping noise distracted him. An odd noise and two sudden points of light in the darkness of the tent, like an animal’s eyes flashing in the moonlight, only there was no moonlight here, just the growing light of fire as the animal - the dragon, what the fuck - opened its jaws.

And trilled. Brian stared at it.

That was when the Khal woke up.
fast&furious  got  brian/dom  brian/mia  fantasyau  fusion!  c:oneshot/-7k  royalty!  polyamory! 
september 2017 by floatondown
Taking It - astolat
Brian was staring up at him wide-eyed, what the fuck are you doing. Dom didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, but whatever it was, he was doing it, so he didn’t let that show on his face.
fast&furious  brian/dom  brian/mia  dom/letty  canondivergence  c:oneshot/-7k  funny  sexy  firsttime  firstsexexperience  truthordare!  skinnydipping!  friendswithbenefits  kink:size 
july 2017 by floatondown
Hell of a Mess - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)
People had been backing down to Luke Hobbs all his life; there was always a fascination for him in the ones who didn't. (An OT3 series.)

Because Paul Walker, because Mia is as badass as any of the guys, and because Hobbs doesn't get enough play in this fandom.
fast&furious  brian/mia  brian/hobbs  brian/mia/hobbs  canondivergence  c:15-50k  pastrelationships!  metbefore!  undercover!  developingrelationship  angst+happyending  sweet  alternatecanon  ot3  polyamory! 
july 2017 by floatondown
100 Miles & Running - Brenda
"You don't need to explain, alright. I've seen the way you look at her. There's no doubt you think she hung the friggin' moon. But I've also seen the way you look at him. And it's the same damn look." Or: Post-Fast 6, Brian copes with fatherhood, his feelings for Dom and Mia, his guilt over Letty, and becoming a (mostly) respectable, law-abiding citizen.
fast&furious  brian/dom  brian/mia  canondivergence  c:15-50k  pastrelationships!  pining  angst+happyending  sexualtension!  cominghome!  mechanic!  loves 
july 2017 by floatondown
Separate Ways - Miss_Psychotic
After Rio, while building a life in the Canary Islands things between Mia and Brian hit breaking point.
Mia decided they need a break. Brian turns to Dom for his comfort.
fast&furious  brian/dom  canondivergence  away!  europe/uk!  beach/ocean!  brian/mia  breakup!  friendswithbenefits  firsttime  developingrelationship  firstsexexperience  sexy  romance  sweet  c:-15k  *EPUB* 
july 2017 by floatondown
Five Times Dom Thought He'd Die Before Having Met His Soulmate and the One Time He Realized He Had Been Blind - Janie94
Dom doesn't need a soulmate, so he is glad he hasn't met his.
In the end he realizes his soulmate has been at his side for a very long time.
fast&furious  brian/dom  canondivergence  soulmarks!  soulmates!  5+1  oblivious!  brian/mia  c:oneshot/-7k  tearjerker  characterdeath:major 
june 2017 by floatondown
Not to the Swift - arysteia
The Fast and the Furious: a Love Story. With fewer cars, less focus on criminal enterprises and law enforcement, and even more pining and lusting. Turbo Charged Edition.

Or, It's a truth universally acknowledged, that a young man in possession of a good fortune, a hot girlfriend, and a beautiful sister, must be in want of a husband.
fast&furious  brian/dom  dom/letty  brian/mia  alternatereality  alternatecanon  worldbuild  family!  romance  firsttime  developingrelationship  firstsexexperience  angst+happyending  tearjerker  lovely  undercover!  loves  ot4  c:-15k  *EPUB*  polyamory! 
june 2017 by floatondown
Out of Reach - Marorin5
It wasn't just physical attraction at this point. Dom hated to admit it, but he was starting to feel some things, even though he tried to ignore it. He tried to ignore all of it, because Brian was completely out of reach, and Dom was well aware of that.
fast&furious  brian/dom  brian/mia  dom/letty  canondivergence  alternatecanon  pining  unrequitedlove!  longtimespan  angst+happyending  family!  ohana!  tearjerker  c:15-50k 
june 2017 by floatondown
Truth and Consequences - astolat - Fast and the Furious Series [Archive of Our Own]
Three weeks after the plane crash, Brian sat down on the beach next to him, threw another empty coconut into the water, and said, “All right, come on. Other side of the island and back, have to get one of the mangos on the eastern beach on the way. Winner gets to fuck the loser.”
dom/brian  brian/Mia  mia/letty  three+some  fast-furious  10-30K 
june 2017 by joyinrepetition
The Next Quarter Mile - astolat - Fast and the Furious Series [Archive of Our Own]
Brian called on a Wednesday afternoon about a week after the solar storm and said, “Hey, man, you want to come over for dinner?”
fastandfurious  xmen  fic  crossover  brian/dom  brian/mia  superpowers  au  from instapaper
january 2017 by inkjunket

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