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Brexit: Netherlands told to prepare for a no-deal 'chaos scenario'
Due to “unrealistic Brexit expectations of a number of British politicians”...
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RT : Farage called a "victory for the little people" as Govt votes down amendment to protect worker-rights post…
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Brexit: How the Netherlands is braced for 'no deal' - BBC News
Dutch EU minister on UK’s leverage in talks: "If you want to dream, do it at night."
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2 days ago by antaldaniel
RT : What's that sound? Is it the sound of the smallest violin in the world playing?
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RT : Where are the impact papers? There can be no excuse for not producing them. The goverment must be relying o…
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RT : we need to get it into the courts and challenge . and . please even if it's just £…
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2 days ago by davidcmoulton
As the Tory Brexit fight club slugs it out, do they even care about Ireland? | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
Ego-wrestling British cabinet ministers seem willing to risk their neighbours’ hard-won peace and prosperity. And the rest of Europe can see that
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2 days ago by micktwomey
Russian Twitter accounts promoted Brexit ahead of EU referendum: Times newspaper • Reuters
<p>The Times cited research from an upcoming paper by data scientists at Swansea University and the University of California, Berkeley, which it said showed accounts based in Russia had tweeted about Brexit in the days leading up to the June 23 vote.

The Times said most of the tweets seen by the newspaper encouraged people to vote for Brexit, although a number advocated remaining in the EU. It quoted Tho Pham, one of the paper’s authors, as saying “the main conclusion is that bots were used on purpose and had influence”.

The research tracked 156,252 Russian accounts that mentioned #Brexit, including one, Svetal1972 which posted 92 tweets between June 20 and 24, including one calling for Britain to “make June the 23rd our Independence Day”.

It said many of the messages appear to have come from automated accounts known as bots or from cyborg accounts which are heavily automated but have some human involvement.

In the June 23, 2016 referendum, 17.4 million votes, or 51.9 percent of votes cast, backed leaving the EU while 16.1 million votes, or 48.1 percent of votes cast, backed staying.</p>

Did it make all the difference? Unlikely. Did it make no difference? Also unlikely. So how much difference did it make?
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2 days ago by charlesarthur

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