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And by 07:30GMT any hope of a less than completely insane were nailed up in their coffin by the DUP.…
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3 hours ago by aidan_walsh
Standby for Govt line on agreement “don’t panic don’t reject it it’s just a back stop we’ll negotiate the p…
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3 hours ago by gourock_swimming
RT : No end to hyperbole on both sides of . Location of phytosanitary checks threatens statehood; EU setting ligh…
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4 hours ago by nwhyte
The Banana Republic of Boris Johnson
And so the Johnson bandwagon trundles on – fuelled by fantastic promises to restore Albion’s lost glory, oiled by his ebullient personality, cheered on by a credulous public and compliant press, brushing gaffes and scandals aside, crushing conventions, insulting allies and breaking every rule of the road. Before we know it, that bandwagon could well be rumbling down Whitehall and in through the gates of Downing Street.
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13 hours ago by terry
SAP UK & Ireland User Group report continuing issues with indirect access and SAP technology adoption
"SAP UK & Ireland User Group provide a mixed bag of results over the progress made with S/4 HANA, C/4HANA, and indirect access."
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16 hours ago by jonerp
BREAKING: Exclusive footage just leaked from Tory HQ 😂

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17 hours ago by richardgreen
May calls emergency cabinet meeting to sign off Brexit deal | Politics | The Guardian
Key elements of the deal began to leak in the early evening. The UK was understood to have agreed that an independent arbitration committee will judge when a UK-wide customs backstop could be terminated, comprising an equa

l number of British and EU representatives plus an independent element.

There will be a review in July 2019, Brussels sources added, six months before the end of the transition period, at which it will be determined if the UK is ready to move to a free trade deal; transfer to the backstop; or extend the transition period, possibly by a year to 2021.
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17 hours ago by petej
RT : The Telegraph understands that the Withdrawal Agreement is now finished and is ready to be scrutinised by t…
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19 hours ago by nwhyte

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