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Right on cue: Labour tax policy is a smash and grab on private property and sceptics are anti democratic, d…
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3 hours ago by kexrex
EU trade deals - facts and figures and timelines that may be of interest before any decisions come into foc…
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18 hours ago by kexrex
CANADA - -. Britain goes down the tubes.

wake up

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20 hours ago by sabatini
The angry union boss, the archaic rules, the coffee breath: The inside story of the meeting that decided Labour's Brexit policy | The Independent
it backed up the shadow Brexit secretary’s chosen sequencing of events – first Labour’s six tests, then a Theresa May deal potentially voted down, a push for an election, and then if that did not work out, consideration of a public vote // this is actually useful
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21 hours ago by yorksranter
McDonnell: new Brexit referendum should not include remain option | Politics | The Guardian
Rebecca Long-Bailey, whose Salford constituency voted leave, told the Guardian she was concerned the Tories would be able to dictate the question.

“My worry about a second referendum is that they will be holding the pen,” she said. “What will the referendum be on?” // this is the best point about this issue I've seen
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22 hours ago by yorksranter

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