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Wednesday Night Boys by Arsenic Jade
Brendan, Spencer, and Ryan are hookers, Bob's a doctor, and Jon is a John who Ryan and Brendan fall in love with.
bandom  hookerfic  angst  bob_spencer  brendon_ryan  jon_ryan_brendan  via:jedusaur 
july 2016 by cee_m
foxxcub: Fic: Burn Out Brighter (1/2)
Burn Out Brighter
Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon | 13,180 words | R

In which Lord Spencer Smith is kidnapped with his long-time servant, Jon Walker, and held for ransom.

Warning: A certain scene could be considered dub-con. Reader discretion advised
jon_spencer  brendon_ryan  historicalfic  p!atd  dubcon 
november 2012 by cee_m
piecesof_reeses: Fic: You Got A Crew? (I Got A Crew Too) (1/3)
Title: You Got A Crew? (I Got A Crew Too)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Brendon/Ryan; background Pete/Patrick, Jon/Spencer, and Greta/Gabe
Wordcount: ~24,000
Warnings: None. Swearing, I suppose.
Thanks to: chaoticallyclev, who cheered me on relentlessly, withstood my whining patiently, and, overall, is just a lovely human being! You are so awesome, bb. ;________;
Author's Notes: Um, I know nothing about hairdressing. And it probably shows. But--it's fic! Given with a healthy dose of crack. :)
Summary: AU. Every June, in the world of Las Vegas hair care, it’s all about one thing: the Annual Services Survey. Can struggling hairdresser Brendon Urie and his coworkers finally win over rival salon Cobra Starship? Shenanigans ensue as they battle it out, all while Brendon struggles to keep his eye on the prize—and away from that cute but prickly reporter.
brendon_ryan  pete_patrick  jon_spencer  cobra  p!atd  bandom 
october 2012 by cee_m
panic_smile: And Don't Twirl | Ryan/Brendon | ~22,000
RT : Of course there is...

Title: And Don’t Twirl Author: panic_smile Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Ryan/Brendon (others in background) POV: Third Word Count: ~22,000 Summary: Ryan’s a 22 year old model, with empty aspirations and disappointment with himself. He meets a hairdresser who needs to belong, and maybe he has to find out what he needs before he can be what others need. Disclaimer: Never Happened, never will <3 Author Notes: i can’t guarantee you’ll like this, but thanks to everyone who reads <33 Thanks to clairejw for beta’ing and being incredible.
brendon_ryan  bandom  p!atd  au  from twitter
august 2012 by cee_m
Ryden Manifesto
@pennyplainknits @bessyboo @isweedan @reenajenkins Also for some pretties of Brendon and Ryan
picspam  brendon_ryan 
august 2012 by cee_m
hidingoutside: Fic: All We Fear is All that Can Save Us [1/3]
Title: All We Fear is All that Can Save Us
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM sex, one scene of vaguely-dubious consent, impact play, collaring, snowballing, rimming, orgasm denial, (imagined) cross-dressing, dom!Brendon
Summary: Jon and Ryan still talk to Spencer, and Jon still talks to Brendon, but since that decision was made last May, Ryan and Brendon haven't really talked. And Brendon knows that he shouldn't be surprised that Ryan's here; after all, he's here and he's never been as, well, expressive about sex as Ryan has been.
brendon_ryan  p!atd  bandom  bdsm  orgasm_denial  angst 
may 2012 by cee_m
foxxcub: Fic: read me like no one else (we'll make them so jealous) (1/2)
Title: read me like no one else (we'll make them so jealous)
Fandom: bandslash/His Dark Materials crossover
Rating: R
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 8200
Disclaimer: Didn't happen, and I am not Phillip Pullman.
Summary: Um, Daemons! at the Disco! Or something. In other words, an AU set within the general timeframe of Panic's Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour.
bandom  jon_spencer  brendon_ryan  au  p!atd  magic  daemons 
may 2012 by cee_m
silver_etoile: The Princes And The Peas [joncer, ryden, standalone NC-17]
Title: The Princes and the Peas
Author: silver_etoile
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Pairing: Spencer/Jon, Ryan/Brendon [Pete/Patrick, Gabe/William]
Disclaimer: Not real.
Summary: In which Spencer is a porn star, Jon is the cute new production assistant, Brendon is a fluffer, and Ryan doesn’t want to be fluffed.
bandom  p!atd  jon_spencer  brendon_ryan  pornstar 
may 2012 by cee_m
Title: just a little longer, long enough
Author: [info]deliberatefic
Pairing:Spencer/Ryan, Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Jon, and more.
Summary: Spencer has plans, Spencer gets what he wants, Spencer is clueless.

Where Spencer thinks he wants Ryan and they have casual sex but he's in love with Ryan and Ryan wants Brendon... then he's with Jon. angsty boys are angsty.
ryan_spencer  brendon_ryan  jon_spencer  angst  bandom  p!atd 
may 2012 by cee_m
Just One Of The Girls - skoosiepants - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Spence, I'm. Look, I'm going to prove this girl-thing to you, okay? I'm going to," he held up his hands, "this is so brilliant, I'm going to become a girl."
bandom  brendon_ryan  jon_spencer  highschool  au  cross-dressing 
april 2012 by cee_m
damnyouwentz: Fic: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Say Anything
Title: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Say Anything
Rating: NC-17-ish
Words: 7,656
There's some more Pete/Patrick and some Brendon/Ryan, in case you were wondering about these things. Also, high school.

Where Pete kind of asks Patrick out and there's the runaround because Pete tells patrick he's being dared to talk to him. and then he goes to prom and intros Brendon and Ryan at Prom... Happily Ever After.
fob  p!atd  bandom  pete_patrick  brendon_ryan  highschool  au  schmoop 
april 2012 by cee_m
Sing Me Something That I Can Understand by Arsenic
Summary: It's Ryan's choice to leave, really it is. He just had no idea how bad he'd be at it, is all.
Word count: 29484

Where Ryan still writes for Brendon's voice he just doesn't tell him.
p!atd  bandom  brendon_ryan  angst  drugs 
april 2012 by cee_m
brushstrokes: Ordinary Boys (Part I)
Where Ryan turns into a girl and doesn't turn back...
bandom  brendon_ryan  genderswap  p!atd 
april 2012 by cee_m
Polyfandom Slut - Fic: Make a Caged Bird Sing (PATD, Brendon/Ryan, Ryan/Spencer, future 3some)snowflake challenge-day9
Title: Make a Caged Bird Sing
Fandom: Panic! At the Disco
Rating: R
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan, Ryan/Spencer, hints at future Ryan/Brendon/Spencer, Pete
Word Count: ~3900
Warnings: VAMPIRES, gore, violence, religious imagery, angst, death(permanant and for vampiric risings)of men, women, and children, biting, torture ala Angelus' making of Drusilla.
Author's Notes: This is a stand-alone story in a larger mental universe I'm building that is a Bandom/Buffyverse fusion. Buffyverse vampire rules apply! I did the best I could for the historical setting.
Thanks: [info]ariadne83 and [info]isweedan* for the beta and handholdings!
Summary: In 10th century Ireland, Brendon is preparing to become a monk when two strangers arrive and shatter his world before changing him completely.
bandom  p!atd  brendon_ryan  ryan_spencer  au  vampire  btvs 
april 2012 by cee_m
You can't not be on a boat - Pink Glitter (standalone)
Title: Pink Glitter
Author: Sara
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: 3rd
Summary: When Ryan’s father can’t make it to his daughter’s Parent’s Job Fair Day, Ryan, a struggling writer, fills in for him, only to find himself attracted to his sister’s kindergarten teacher.
Disclaimer:Um, Brendon’s not a kindergarten teacher, so…false.
brendon_ryan  p!atd  bandom  schmoop  au  teacherfic 
april 2012 by cee_m
sunday_porch: To a Man's Heart
Title: To a Man's Heart
Author: [info]jzbell
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan (Jon/Joe, Spencer/Patrick)
Rating: NC-17 (what? sex, in a romance novel? how scandalous!)
Disclaimer: Not true! I don't actually know these guys! Totally fictionalized, no offense was intended, etc. And, you know, if you really think Brendon Urie is a rancher living in Denver and Ryan Ross is a cultured Charleston belle, well.
Warnings: This is something of a western. You might find certain details unfavorable if you have a delicate palate. If thoughts of someone skinning a rabbit or killing a mountain lion freak you out, this fic probably isn't for you.
Notes: Inexcusably late offering for the [info]damnyouwentz Romance Cliché Challenge. I'm not going to lie, this was hella fun to write. But don't take it too seriously, okay?

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Charleston belle Ryan Ross heads to Denver and takes his chances as a mail-order bride. When he arrives, he discovers that handsome rancher Brendon Urie has absolutely no desire to marry--until Ryan charms him with his sweet nature and even sweeter kisses.
bandom  p!atd  brendon_ryan  historicalfic  au 
march 2012 by cee_m
sunday_porch: Attention to Detail
Title: Attention to Detail
Author: [info]jzbell
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Brendon paid attention to what would make Ryan chuckle, low and breathless, and what would make him shudder and bite his lip.
Disclaimer: I made pretty much all of this up.
Warnings: Toys, double penetration.
bandom  p!atd  brendon_ryan  doublepen  pwp 
march 2012 by cee_m
That's What He Said - addictedkitten - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
That's What He Said
Words: 23,464

Truckstops and Statelines and boyfriends, etc.

The hottest GSF in quite possibly the history of ever. Starts with angsty Ryan being all upset because Jon and Brendon are together then getting together with Spencer and then HOT LIKE BURNING GSF.
bandom  brendon_jon  ryan_spencer  brendon_ryan  brendon_ryan_spencer_jon  gsf  hotlikeburning  p!atd 
february 2012 by cee_m
No Object - jedusaur - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
No Object
Words: 4,938

The first blowjob Pete gets from Ryan is startlingly mediocre, considering that it's the kid's job.
bandom  hookerfic  pete_ryan  brendon_ryan  fob  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
pennyplainknits: The Dark Ocean Bottom. Brendon/Ryan, Adult
Title The Dark Ocean Bottom
Author [personal profile] pennyplainknits
Fandom Bandom, Panic at the Disco, The Young Veins
Pairing Brendon/Ryan
Rating Adult
Word count 25 217
Beta and comma-wrangling [ profile] reni_days
Disclaimer Fake as wooden nickel. I’m borrowing faces here.
Summary Stressed and ansty after the end of the tour, Brendon escapes to London, and finds more than he bargains for.

Ryan leans his elbow on the table, puts his chin in his hand. "So, why are you here?"

"I," Brendon pauses... "I just couldn't be there. I needed to be somewhere else."

"Yeah," Ryan finally takes a sip of his tea. "Yeah, I know how that feels."
bandom  angst  brendon_ryan  au  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m

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