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With News of Another Failed Trial, a Cure for Alzheimer’s May Have More To Do With Corporate Finance Than Science
An illustration of Eroom's law with Alzheimers. Will require many different drugs in concert. But very expensive and difficult to do and new major trials are proving disappointing.
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4 days ago by michael.bhaskar
10 Breakthrough Technologies: How we'll invent the future by Bill Gates
Gates on what he sees as the 10 most important breakthroughs, includes new robotic dexterity, nuclear power, plant based meat, custom cancer vaccines and more.
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8 days ago by michael.bhaskar
The Big Idea: Funding Eureka!
Nathan Myrvold on his way of pursuing big ideas. Good model or bad model?
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8 days ago by michael.bhaskar
Population Growth and Technological Change
Good companion piece to Huebner. Comes from the modern growth theory people and from a major academic.
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8 days ago by michael.bhaskar
Weighing the cost of Big Science
An article looking at what has been achieved and what hasn't by costly, large scale scientific experiments.
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17 days ago by michael.bhaskar
Louis Pasteur, the Father of Immunology?
Article on Pasteur.

Front Immunol. 2012; 3: 68.
Published online 2012 Apr 10. Prepublished online 2012 Mar 4.
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26 days ago by michael.bhaskar
Sources of U.S. Economic Growth in a World of Ideas
Charles I. Jones paper on economic growth and ideas from 2002. Useful for the general growth theory context.
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4 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on R&D last year — more than any other U.S. company
Good stats on how much tech dominates R&D spend (and also shows who else is spending a lot, doubt Johnson & Johnson is going for breakthroughs).
breakthrough  wrongsociety  populism 
6 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Kyung Hee Kim on ‘The Creativity Crisis’.
Measures of creativity suggest that we are becoming less creative over time, not more. An important discovery in connection with art/thinking area of slowdown.
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7 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Has the ideas machine broken down?
Further piece critical of Gordon et al in The Economist.
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7 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Science of Science
Fortunato et al. Good view of advances in metaresearch, and also a view of how the complexity of science is making life very difficult.
breakthrough  paradox  science 
8 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Profile of Softbank's Masa
A good outline of the scale of the Vision Fund and how it makes huge andrisky bets on very long term and uncertain technologies and markets. In this, it disrupts the VC and changes the equation of early stage tech funding.
breakthrough  organisation  moonshot 
8 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Life expectancy is falling
WaPo article on how life expectancy is going down again. A grim picture for public health.
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8 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Toward a more scientific science
Heidi Williams on the Newton quote and lots of other good ideas from th science of science.
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8 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar
Top 10 Archaelogy Discoveries of 2018
An outline of big finds that shows how things do keep happening.
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8 weeks ago by michael.bhaskar

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