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Responsive Designs and CSS Custom Properties: Defining Variables and Breakpoints
CSS custom properties (a.k.a. CSS variables) are becoming more and more popular. They finally reached decent browser support and are slowly making their way into various production environments. The popularity of custom properties shouldn’t come as a surprise, because they can be really helpful in numerous use cases, including managing color palettes, customizing components, and theming. But CSS variables can also be really helpful when it comes to responsive design.
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28 days ago by spaceninja
Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator by Cloudinary
Useful online tool to generate multiple image versions for respective breakpoints and chain them on a single IMG tag.
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august 2018 by betobeto
Let it Rip | Indie Stack
Ideally we could set a breakpoint on the very line of code that causes this console message to be printed. This can be surprisingly difficult though. There have always been a variety of logging mechanisms. Should you set the breakpoint on NSLog, os_log, printf, fprintf, or write? I could probably figure out a comprehensive method for catching anything that might write to the console, but am I even sure this console method is being generated in my app’s main process? There are a lot of variables here. (Hah! In this particular case, I ended up digging deeper and discovering it calls “CFLog”).

This is a scenario where combining lldb’s powerful “regular expression breakpoints” and “breakpoint commands” can help a great deal. Early in my app’s launch, before the warning messages are logged, I break in lldb and add a breakpoint:
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august 2018 by cdzombak

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