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Google and Facebook Have Failed Us - The Atlantic
There’s no hiding behind algorithms anymore. The problems cannot be minimized. The machines have shown they are not up to the task of dealing with rare, breaking news events, and it is unlikely that they will be in the near future. More humans must be added to the decision-making process, and the sooner the better.
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october 2017 by jm
Auf allen Kanälen: Nach der Newsorgie | WOZ
Wem nützt das Nachrichtenschnellfeuer, das wir in den ersten Stunden nach einem Ereignis auf unseren Geräten in Gang setzen? Und was kann man gegen die Konfusion im Kopf tun?
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august 2016 by Medienwoche
Breaking News: Die fünf Push-Typen |
News ganz rasch direkt aufs Handy: Seit sechs Jahren schicken die Schweizer Newsportale über ihre Apps wichtige Nachrichten auf hunderttausende Smartphones. Die Entwicklung zeigt: Die Zahl der Push-Meldungen steigt, die Geschwindigkeit wird wichtiger und der Kampf um Aufmerksamkeit härter. So kommt es, dass auf den Displays teils Texte auftauchen, die beim Leser Schmunzeln, Erstaunen oder Kopfschütteln auslösen. hat in den letzten Wochen die Push-Nachrichten unter die Lupe genommen.  Push  Breaking-News  Alert 
june 2015 by Medienwoche
Pepper Spray Incident At PS 92 In Harlem Injures Kids « CBS New York
RT : At least 13 children treated after apparent pepper spray incident at Harlem, NY, school, officials say -news
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may 2015 by ajlounyinjurylaw
A course in verification and misinformation in the wake of the Boston bombing
"This is the first of a few posts as I analyze and extract key take-aways and concrete lessons from the collection of articles."
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may 2013 by jnchapel
The message of Boston
"... the news industry has the ability to offer people exactly what they want, but they won't do it. Their view of the world is that we're out there and they're inside. They talk, we listen. They are relevant, their lives have meaning. The meaning of our lives is not important to them. As long as they view it that way, people will continue to be frustrated by them, as long as they pay any attention. And more and more they're choosing to not pay attention." Response:
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april 2013 by jnchapel
Some reflections on silence and timing in networked journalism
"The Internet makes it possible for people other than traditional journalists to express themselves, quickly, to potentially large audiences. But the ideal press should be about more than this. It should be about demonstrating robust answers to two inseparable questions: Why do you need to know something now? And why do you need to say something now? Both questions demand awareness of what not to say, and when not to say it -- knowledge the networked press is only beginning to develop."
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april 2013 by jnchapel
The social media tail mustn’t wag the MSM dog
"It’s undoubtedly true that in the age of social media, it’s become very easy for anybody to peer behind the news curtain and see the chaotic raw material from which it is produced. But that in no way weakens the onus on responsible and experienced news editors to filter that material and form it into a fast, deep and accurate report. Indeed, the value added by those editors has never been more obvious than it is in situations like this one." Re: "The media's new and unfamiliar job is to provide a framework for understanding the wild, unvetted, and incredibly intoxicating information that its audience will inevitably see -- not to ignore it."
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april 2013 by jnchapel
Boston explosions a reminder of how breaking news reporting is changing
"Which brings us to the most wrenching change for news organizations confronted by an event like Boston: News gathering and reporting — an intrinsically messy hodgepodge of verifying facts and debunking chatter — is now done in front of readers. Instead of waiting for a carefully crafted report on the news or a front page, readers are now in the 'fog of war' with the participants and reporters and officials and everybody else. Whether we like it or not, this isn’t going to change — given readers’ hunger for news on such days, news organizations can’t remain silent about reports until they’ve been verified with officials and subjected to the organization’s own system of scrutiny. The chaos of breaking news is no longer something out of which coverage arises — it’s the coverage itself."
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april 2013 by jnchapel
When everyone is an eye-witness, who is a journalist?
"... we also need a new category of reporter, responsible for finding the hidden signal in the noise. We desperately need skilled professionals who can turn isolated units of social content into compelling stories, who can shape the narrative emerging out of the cacophony of conversation ..."
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april 2013 by jnchapel
Two explosions at Boston marathon finish line -
'About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later.'
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april 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Square-Enix announces end of Final Fantasy XIV's free play and roadmap for next year
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The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV brought some major changes with it, but there are more coming. In a new series of announcements, Square-Enix announced that the unbilled period of the game will be coming to a close between late November and early December in recognition of the large-scale work done by Naoki Yoshida and the game's team. But the announcement was more far-reaching than that -- no, the entire game is going to undergo a major process of changes well through next year, including a graphical engine and UI overhaul as well as major changes to the game's maps.

Several design documents have been posted along with this update, making it clear that the changes will be observed and influenced by players taking part in content during this time period. And these changes will be massive -- the new UI will not only look much cleaner but also be able to support player add-ons. With a promised redesign of maps, changes to the landscape, the upcoming PlayStation 3 version, and major updates to the battle system and armoury system, it's going to be very busy over the next few months as Final Fantasy XIV moves toward version 2.0.Square-Enix announces end of Final Fantasy XIV's free play and roadmap for next year originally appeared on Massively on Fri, 14 Oct 2011 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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october 2011 by dragoncalledk
How incorrect reports of Giffords’ death spread on Twitter - Lost Remote
Update: NPR Senior Strategist Andy Carvin, who worked on the NPR online effort Saturday, has left a great explanation in our comments section about some of the decisions he faced. We have incorporated a small piece of it into the story, but encourage you to read it and participate in the conversation. Also, NPR Executive Editor Dick Meyer has posted an apology for, and explanation of, the incorrect reporting.
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january 2011 by vielmetti

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