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Where was 'Breaking Bad' filmed? | CN Traveller
Breaking Bad was originally conceived as a Californian story but was relocated to the desert town of Alburquerque
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18 hours ago by johnkyle
Heisenberg Ipsum - A Breaking Bad lorem ipsum generator
Some mad text, yo - courtesy of Mr. White. Okay, SORRY...I meant Heisenberg. B*tch.
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february 2016 by reorx
『ブレイキング・バッド』まとめ考察1:そのトシで道を踏み外すっての?――ウォルター・ホワイトの進化と不変性A Cinematic Museum (of Arnold Killshot)
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july 2015 by odiak
The Man Who Makes Hollywood's Smallest Sounds
"Popular apocalyptic zombie TV series The Walking Dead has no shortage of gore -- and as the show’s Foley artist, Barbanell is tasked with creating most of its gruesome 'blood and guts' sounds. 'They’re pulling organs out of bodies, they’re slicing heads off, reaching into bodies, pulling out things,' says Barbanell, with disgust. 'So, we get creative.' For 'gushy, squishy sounds' like oozing blood, Barbanell uses chamois (a leather cloth made from the skin of mountain sheep). 'You soak it, then lay into it, and it just oozes -- it’s something you can control really easily,' he says. 'And when you put pressure on it, you get these amazing, gory noises.' Sometimes, when that extra oompf is needed, he’ll go out and buy a whole, raw chicken to stuff the chamois inside of."
a:Zachary-Crockett★  p:Priceonomics★★  d:2015.03.31  w:3500  sound  film  television  process  Breaking-Bad  from twitter
july 2015 by bankbryan
What About Bob?
"After the show, Odenkirk crosses Wells Street with a crew of comedians and hangers-on to grab a table at Corcoran’s Grill & Pub. Next to the baby-faced Wardell, who wore a hoodie and backpack during his set at Second City, Odenkirk looks almost grandfatherly. As his career in drama ascends, he has simultaneously assumed the role of an elder statesman of comedy. He’s nurtured new talent, including millennial heroes Tim and Eric, hidden-camera specialist Andre Hyland, and the Birthday Boys, a Los Angeles–based absurdist sketch troupe. 'Whenever we talk, he’ll just casually drop knowledge that changes my life,' says Wardell. 'When I was nervous about leaving my first manager, I said I felt like I was breaking up with a girlfriend. He said, "You’re breaking up with a girlfriend that’s a supermodel with 15 boyfriends that gets 10 percent from all her boyfriends."'"
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may 2015 by bankbryan

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