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Crisp Stuffed Chicken Cutlets Recipe - NYT Cooking
Skip the sauerkraut and do a ham, cheese, and bechamel filling instead.
Recipes  NYT  stuffed  chicken  cutlets  ham  cheese  cordonbleu  unique  breaded  easy  weeknight  bechamel  sauce 
october 2017 by lala7625
Magic Crispy Chicken Recipe | Bon Appetit
Could easily be turned into Chicken Parmesan. Otherwise serve with a light salad.
BA  Recipes  chicken  crispy  crunchy  baked  healthy  breaded  panko  easy  weeknight  Italian  classic  parmesan 
july 2017 by lala7625
5 Ingredient Breaded Lemon Chicken - Host The Toast
Would be great served over zoodles (zucchini) with a creamy sauce and broccoli or broccoilini.
recipes  easy  5-ingredient  lemon  chicken  weeknight  elegant  breaded  quick  Delicious  simple  photography  ideas 
december 2016 by lala7625

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