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Equifax breach exposed millions of driver’s licenses, phone numbers, emails | Ars Technica
17.6 million driver's license numbers, thousands of ID images stolen in breach.
On May 7, executives of Equifax submitted a "statement for the record" to the Securities and Exchange Commission detailing the extent of the consumer data breach the company first reported on September 7, 2017. The data in the statement, which has also been shared with congressional committees investigating the breach, reveals to a fuller extent how much personal data was exposed in the breach. Millions of driver's license numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses were also exposed in connection with names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers—offering a gold mine of data for identity thieves and fraudsters.
Equifax had already reported that the names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth of 143 million US consumers had been exposed, along with driver's license numbers "in some instances," in addition to the credit card numbers of 209,000 individuals. The company's management had also reported "certain dispute documents" submitted by about 182,000 consumers contesting credit reports had been exposed as well, in addition to some information about British and Canadian consumers.
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Facebook October 2018 security breach: Everything you need to know | iMore
Around 30 million people had their information compromised.
Earlier this year, Facebook came under fire for sharing heaps of data for over 87 million users with Cambridge Analytica. As if the company wasn't already having a tough time regaining the trust of its user base, Facebook's now announced that information for around 30 million people was exposed during an attack it shut down in September.
Here's everything you need to know.
The latest news
October 13, 2018: Find out if you've been affected by the October 2018 Facebook security breach
Facebook now has a dedicated page on its site to allow you to see whether your account was one of the 30 million affected by its most recent security breach.
Click here to see if you're Facebook account was affected
The page offers information about what happened and the current status of the investigation. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a special box with "Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?"
If you are signed in to Facebook, you'll see the status of your account and whether it was affected by the breach. If you don't see the box, sign in to your Facebook account and go back to the page.
Whether you've been affected by the most recent Facebook security breach or not, it's important to lock down your account in the most secure way possible, even at the expense of convenience.
Despite Facebook's irresponsible recommendation that "There's no need for anyone to change their passwords...," you should change your password regularly using a unique complex password.
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30 Million Facebook Accounts Were Hacked: Check If You're One of Them
Late last month Facebook announced its worst-ever security breach that allowed an unknown group of hackers to steal secret access tokens for millions of accounts by taking advantage of a flaw in the 'View As' feature.
At the time of the initial disclosure, Facebook estimated that the number of users affected by the breach could have been around 50 million, though a new update published today by the social media giant downgraded this number to 30 million.
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An important update about Facebook's recent security incident | Facebook Help Center
Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?
Based on what we've learned so far, your Facebook account has not been impacted by this security incident. If we find more Facebook accounts were impacted, we will reset their access tokens and notify those accounts.
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Here’s how to see if you’re among the 30 million compromised Facebook users | Ars Technica
The bad news: Private data was stolen. The good: Fewer accounts were affected.
The attackers who carried out the mass hack that Facebook disclosed two weeks ago obtained user account data belonging to as many as 30 million users, the social network said on Friday. Some of that data—including phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, searches, location check-ins, and the types of devices used to access the site—came from private accounts or was supposed to be restricted only to friends.
The revelation is the latest black eye for Facebook as it tries to recover from the scandal that came to light earlier this year in which Cambridge Analytica funneled highly personal details of more than 80 million users to an organization supporting then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. When Facebook disclosed the latest breach two weeks ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he didn’t know if it allowed attackers to steal users’ private data. Friday’s update made clear that it did, although the 30 million people affected was less than the 50 million estimate previously given. Readers can check this link to see what, if any, data was obtained by the attackers.
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Facebook States 30 Million People Affected by Last Month's "View As" Bug
Remember that bug Facebook revealed two weeks ago that may have affected 50 million users if not more? Well Facebook has stated that 30 million of those user had their access tokens stolen by attackers according to a new updated posted by Facebook today.
This bug was part of Facebook’s “View As” tool, which allows allows you to view your profile as it would appear to someone else on Facebook. Attackers chained 3 vulnerabilities together to exploit a bug in this feature and steal a user's, and their friends, access tokens. These access tokens could then be used to login to the associated account and provide full access to everything on it.
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Fitmetrix fitness software company may have exposed millions of customer records
“It appears that the attackers are using a script that automates the process of accessing a database, possibly exporting it, deleting the database, and then creating the ransom note. This script sometimes fails and the data is still available to the user even though a ransom note is created.”
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Google+ users, upset over data leak, sue Google | Ars Technica
Hours after Google+ shuttered, lawsuit filed in San Francisco.
It was only a matter of time—the same day that Google announced it was shutting down Google+ in the wake of a data leak, two users filed a proposed class-action lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco, saying that their privacy had been violated.
The case, Matt Matic and Zak Harris v. Google, alleges that the company’s "lax approach" to security resulted in API bugs that exposed the private details of almost 500,000 Google+ users.
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NC AG demands answers from Facebook regarding data
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Google+ Shutting Down After Bug Leaks Info of 500k Accounts
Google has announced that they are closing the consumer functionality of Google+ due lack of adoption and an API bug that leaked the personal information of up to 500,000 Google+ accounts.
While no evidence was found that indicates this bug was ever misused, it was determined that the complexity of protecting and operating a social network like Google+ was not a worthwhile endeavor when so few users actually used the service for any length of time.
"This review crystallized what we’ve known for a while: that while our engineering teams have put a lot of effort and dedication into building Google+ over the years, it has not achieved broad consumer or developer adoption, and has seen limited user interaction with apps," stated a blog post by Google regarding the Google+ closure. "The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement: 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds."
The consumer functionality of Google+ will be closing over a 10 month period, while Google transitions the product to be used internally by the Enterprise.
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