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A Daily Brazil Nut Better than a Supplement for Selenium ~ The Worl's Healthiest...
New Zealand researchers compared Brazil nuts' efficacy to that of selenomethionine supplements in increasing selenium status in 59 New Zealand residents with low selenium (plasma selenium concentrations < 1.27 micro mol/L)..... By week 12, blood levels of selenium had increased by 64.2%, 61.0% and 7.6%, respectively, in the Brazil nut, selenomethionine, and placebo groups. Plasma levels of GPx increased by 8.3%, 3.4% and -1.2%, and whole blood GPx by 13.2%, 5.3% and 1.9% in the Brazil nut, selenomethionine and placebo groups, respectively Not only was consumption of two Brazil nuts each day as effective for increasing selenium status and enhancing GPx activity as 100 micrograms of selenomethionine per day, but just one Brazil nut per day would have been sufficient to raise dietary selenium intake to within recommended intake levels for the mineral....Practical Tip: Enjoy just one Brazil nut each day and help ensure that you get your daily requirement for selenium. Thomson CD, Chisho
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Twitter / paddypower: Meet Traitor Tony. He backed ...
RT : Meet Traitor Tony. He backed Italy last night. We've strung him up as punishment.
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Timothy Ferriss - ‘The 4-Hour Body’ - Review -
Want to have “wolverine” sex? Who doesn’t? Eat 4 Brazil nuts, 20 raw almonds and 2 capsules of fermented cod-liver oil and butterfat four hours before intercourse. Mr. Ferriss used a hormone-slash-drug called human chorionic gonadotropin and more than tripled his semen volume. “Happy days,” he writes.

One must consume grapefruit juice before the day’s second meal. One needs to ingest layers of supplements to increase insulin sensitivity. He drinks cooled yerba mate tea during his pig-out meals and likes a greens supplement. Best of all, he instructs one to “engage in brief muscular contraction throughout the binge.”
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Cancer Decisions - Free Newsletter - December 10, 2001
* supplemental selenium may reduce the risk of prostate cancer
* Brazil nuts to help reach 200 micrograms (mcg) Selenium per day.
* 1 unshelled Brazil nut avg 100 mcg of selenium, 1 already shelled Brazil nut averages 12 to 25 mcg. So, two freshly hulled = 8 and 16 already-shelled nuts
* Fresh Brazil nuts should be ivory white. If they have turned yellow, don't eat them. If you're not sure, take a nibble, and focus on the after-taste. It should be sweet, never bitter or rancid.
* Keep all nuts in the refrigerator before using them
* Crack them while frozen and then let them defrost before eating
* another good source of selenium is garlic. Everyone should try to average two cloves of fresh garlic per day. Other foods high in selenium are whole grains, sunflower seeds, other nuts, meat and seafood, especially swordfish, tuna and oysters
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