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Custo de Vida
Comparativo de custo de vida entre cidades brasileiras.
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Eleições 2018: como fica a composição da Câmara, em 11 gráficos - Nexo Jornal
Neste domingo (7), foram escolhidos os 513 deputados que irão nos representar pelos próximos quatro anos. Veja, nesta série de gráficos que o Nexo organizou, a distribuição dessas cadeiras por recortes de partidos, gênero, cor de pele, faixa etária, patrimônio, e outros mais.
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5 hours ago by kaarlows
Como os brasileiros que residem no exterior votaram no primeiro turno - Nexo Jornal
Bolsonaro teve a maior parte dos votos registrados no exterior, seguido de Ciro Gomes e Fernando Haddad
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Quais partidos passaram pela cláusula de barreira em 2018 - Nexo Jornal
Regra de desempenho aprovada na reforma política de 2017 estabelece critérios mínimos de votação para que partidos tenham acesso a fundo partidário e tempo de TV
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6 hours ago by kaarlows
Right-Wing Authoritarianism on the Rise: Brazilians Can Halt the Trend
Explains the cycle of how economic & political corruption work together as ruling class takes over and bankrupts nations
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yesterday by csrollyson
Dalton Paula
Dalton Paula lives and works in Goiânia / Goiás-Brazil, holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and discusses the muted body in the urban environment. His productions propose a reflection on fear, ephemerality, individualism and otherness. He also works pictorialism contaminated by diverse languages ​​through his body in the field of intimacy. In 2018 he was one of the artists selected for the Triennial "Songs for Sabotage" of the New Museum in New York / USA, where he also made his artistic residency at the AnnexB for two months. He also joined the 11th Mercosul Visual Arts Biennial - "The Atlantic Triangle", in Porto Alegre / RS; and has works on the exhibition "Afro-Atlantic Stories" at MASP and Tomie Ohtake Institute. In 2017 he participated in the exhibition "The Atlantic Triangle", organized by the Goethe Institute in Lagos / Nigeria; composed the exhibitions "2ndChangjiang International Photography and Video Biennale" at Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art in Chongqing / China and "BERLIN SHOW # 5 - Collectors Loop" at GALERIAPLAN B in Berlin / Germany; and was among the finalists of the "6th edition of the Marcantonio Vilaça Award for the Plastic Arts (2017-2018)". He was one of the invited artists of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial, held in 2016 and in this same year, participated in the Multidisciplinary Occupy Brazil Project, at the Superior Institute of Art in Havana / Cuba. In 2015, he presented in São Paulo / SP, the individual "Amansa-Senhor" at Sé Galeria, where in 2014 he made his first solo exhibition "And a serene and imperceptible earthquake devastated the city ..."; and this
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2 days ago by stjp
NAKED KEYNESIANISM: The Brazilian Election or Brazilian Fahrenheit 11/9
Interestingly, Dilma Rousseff, the impeached president, is not accused of anything and might have a shot at the Senate seat held by Aécio Neves, her rival in the last election, who is trying desperately to win a seat in Congress to avoid being prosecuted (contrary to Lula, that has been jailed as a result of someone saying he owned an apartment, without a single shred of corroborating evidence; Aécio is recorded asking for a R$2 million bribe, suggesting his cousin would pick it up, since it was a person he could trust and kill if he opened his mouth, and the cousin was later filmed and caught with the money).
5 days ago by yorksranter
Palocci entrega à Justiça 18 tipos de ‘provas’ para corroborar delação |
Defesa do ex-ministro petista quer demonstrar que colaboração premiada tem sido efetiva e que, por isso, deve receber os benefícios de um delator
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5 days ago by kaarlows

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