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By schmod in "Google Moves to Significantly Hamstring Chrome's Ad Blockers" on MeFi
Maybe give Brave a pass.

It's a company started by a guy who was ousted from Mozilla for being openly homophobic, and uses an extremely-convoluted mechanism to replace ads with their own ads.

Content-creators can theoretically recover up to 85% of the revenue from ads that Brave displays on your site via a convoluted cryptocurrency mechanism, but many creators have found it difficult to do so in practice (to the point where Brave may actually be violating anti-racketeering laws).

Additionally, certain beta versions of Brave transmit all browsing-history to Brave's corporate servers for ad-targeting purposes.

If you're looking for a new browser, I'd recommend giving Firefox a try. There are some (very occasional) annoyances to be dealt with, but overall it's great.
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4 weeks ago by kejadlen
Novel Medical Treatments – The Editors' Weekly
"Fighting can be a useful self-image for some people trying to get healthier, but that doesn’t mean we should force a sick person into the role of a warrior. Struggling with is worse — it tends to imply that the person is not winning. It gets used a lot with mental health problems. And what image does struggling bring to mind? Perhaps something like Houdini trying to escape from a straitjacket? Not helpful.

"Hero, brave, and inspiring automatically add a dimension of moral virtue. Recovering from illness or injury does not have a moral dimension. Health is not a token of individual moral merit. Suggesting that it is implies bad things about people who are not able to be as healthy as we think they should be. It makes it easier for us to view certain health conditions — troubles with physical fitness or mental wellness, for instance — as signs of moral failing. If we make heroes of those who prevail, we make failures of those who don’t."
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5 weeks ago by handcoding
ssl - Getting Chrome to accept self-signed localhost certificate - Stack Overflow
Click anywhere on the page and type a BYPASS_SEQUENCE

"thisisunsafe" is a BYPASS_SEQUENCE for Chrome version 65
selfsignedcert  chrome  brave  chromium 
6 weeks ago by tulbox
Brave Community
We're here to help each other with issues and to make Brave, and the Internet, better.
Brave  Forums 
10 weeks ago by thegiant
How to Rearrange or Hide the Extension Buttons on the Chrome Toolbar
Some Google Chrome extensions add a button to the right side of the toolbar, which usually provides access to the extension’s main features. These buttons are added in the order the extensions were installed, and that order may not be to your liking.
For_Laptop  Tips  Brave  Chrome 
12 weeks ago by thegiant

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