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★ Pentagram’s ‘Range of Possibilities’ for Slack
John Gruber's take on Pentagram's range of possibilities for Slack's redesign. I'd agree with him; some shocking work here. Pretty easy to judge on face value, though.
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1 hour ago by markboulton
Emily Oberman on branding J.K. Rowling’s magical universe
Wonderfful branding work from Pentagram for J.K. Rowling's growing magical universe. I think it balances the line between visual cliche and refreshing really well. It's comfortable, nostalgic, expected, but also timeless and refreshing in other ways. A particular favourite element of the branding system of mine is the new typeface called 'Harry Beast'
This is coupled with a custom typeface called Harry Beasts, created alongside type designer Jeremy Mickel – an amalgamation of the type used in both the Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts logos, set in a luminous gold colour. The letters take on attributes of both brands, with fur-covered characters representing the many magical creatures found in Fantastic Beasts, and sharper, angular characters representing the classic Harry Potter lightning bolt motif, which features on the protagonist’s noggin throughout the series.

Seeing the different rendering treatment of this typeface throughout the book titles, films and other merchandise, you can see how designers are able to dial up and down the texture. Pretty inspiring work.
ofinterest  graphic-design  branding 
19 hours ago by markboulton
F1 Reveals That Over Two-Thirds Of Fans Didn't Care About Its New Logo
Is anyone ever surprised that new logo designs are often met with either outrage or 'meh'. I don't think i've ever heard of anyone loving a new logo other than the CMO and the agency or designer who created it.
Formula One has revealed that more than two thirds of its fans were indifferent about its controversial decision to change its logo last year.

Of course new brand identities are important. And logo iterations are important aspects of that evolution. But testing ...
ofinterest  branding  logo  f1 
19 hours ago by markboulton
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Club Athletico Paranaense by Oz
Ребрендинг спортивной команды Club Athletico Paranaense
branding  sport  football 
2 days ago by gevorg
DCC | A multidisciplinary design studio in Winston-Salem, NC
Beautiful design firm, lots of range. Did Lisa Vorce branding.
design  branding  packaging 
2 days ago by ramitsethi

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