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Pilcro | Pilcro Launch | Free brand app for teams on G-Suite.
A faster way for teams on G-Suite to make branded content. Wasting time searching for logos, colours and fonts when you make Slides? Pilcro is a free tool that helps your team create branded Docs & Slides, by keeping all your brand assets in one fast-access shared space.
yesterday by 5key
Website Logo Placement for Maximum Brand Recall
Users are 89% more likely to remember logos shown in the traditional top-left position than logos placed on the right.
design  logo  ux  webdesign  branding  impact  memory  recall 
3 days ago by bechster
AT&T Archives: Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign
He worked closely with AT&T, designing not only the 1970 "bell" logo that was ubiquitous for a decade, but also the globe logo unveiled in 1983.

One reason for this bell logo's ubiquity? The redesign was the largest corporate re-identity program in the U.S., ever.
video  branding  design  history  telephony  logos 
3 days ago by ahall
Slack Copywriting: What They Say to 9.6 Million Pageviews Every Month
Статья с разбором текстов в Slack, помогающих определить образ продукта
design  copywriting  marketing  branding 
5 days ago by gevorg
Smooth Brands
Domain names for sale. Mostly short, invented names.
domains  tools  shopping  branding  brandbucket  esh-anvilon 
6 days ago by esh

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