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Anchor Worldwide Wins BMW Social Media Business, Names New Creative Chief | AgencySpy
According to North American VP of marketing Trudy Hardy, the agency “presented a clear point of view with creativity and humor, which is what ultimately won us over.”
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6 hours ago by automotive
Instagram, Influencers Take Center Stage In Acura, Honda Efforts 12/17/2018
Acura is supporting the launch of the ILX sports sedan by working with Instagram and GIPHY to launch the first-ever in-app vehicle customizer on Instagram Stories, where users can build a personalized ILX sports sedan from Acura’s Instagram handle.

Honda is also leaning on influencers to help publicize the brand’s partnership with HGTV. The automaker hosted Instagram influencers and bloggers at the HGTV Dream Home last week for a dinner and a ride and drive program around nearby Glacier National Park. 
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6 hours ago by automotive
How New Employee Uniforms Can Enhance the Look of Your Brand for the New Year
Consider the many ways in which new employee uniforms can enhance the look of your brand and improve your business for the start of 2019.
uniform  employee  brand 
14 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Nissan Uses NYC Pop-Up To Promote Leaf 12/17/2018
The Dec. 14-16 activation’s main intent is to give participants the chance to experience the Nissan Leaf in a pressure-free environment, says Jean-Philippe Lattes, senior manager, EV sales and marketing, Nissan North America.
nissanc  nissan  brand  content  technology  electric 
2 days ago by automotive
Report Proves What We Already Knew: Clients Will Pay Any Fee Hike To Get Brand Name Firms | Above the Law
Whenever firms start chattering about a salary increase or a bump in bonuses, the same clients come out of the woodwork to complain that they will not under any circumstances pay more to finance these “exorbitant” associate salaries. Then every single one of them falls in line and pays the newly hiked fees and the whole legal world keeps on spinning.

At least that’s what happens at the elite firms. The mid-tier firms — which increasingly means “the Am Law 51-100” — don’t necessarily have that luxury. For these firms trying to keep up with the big dogs in the drive for talent, it’s harder to pass the cost onto the client, resulting in thinner margins and stressing the firm.

This has long been the conventional wisdom among legal industry observers, but the new Citi Private Bank Law Firm Group Report went out and actually gathered some hard data to see if our gut instincts are correct. It turns out… they are.
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4 days ago by JordanFurlong
The worst branding trend of 2018 is ‘blanding’ and the main offenders are in tech.
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5 days ago by jerrythepunkrat
Driving Sucks, and Lyft’s New Work From W+K Reminds You All the Reasons Why – Adweek
While the two new spots may not necessarily take the sweeping, epic approach like the brand’s launch work with Jeff Bridges, Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele, it certainly hits on some universal truths about why driving can be an awful endeavor and retains the brand’s joie de vivre of not taking itself too seriously while making a point about the service.
lyft  brand  content  agency 
5 days ago by automotive
Jaguar Unveils Mobile Holiday Window 12/13/2018
Jaguar partnered with HGTV’s Jonathan Scott to create the first-ever mobile holiday window in a hollowed out two-story bus featuring a Jaguar E-Pace.
jlr  jaguar  brand  content 
5 days ago by automotive
Honda Launches Facebook Messenger Bot 12/12/2018, reportedly the first conversational AI platform for digital automotive sales and customer service via chat, partnered with Honda and its agency RPA to build the smart sales assistant.
hondac  honda  brand  content  agency 
5 days ago by automotive
Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care? The fifth edition of @alinawheeler’s Designing Brand Identity is a brilliant resource.
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6 days ago by dcolanduno
2019 Daytona 500 to Feature 2019 Chevy Silverado and Dale Jr. | Torque News
Earnhardt Jr. said on Twitter, “I own this truck and it’s badass. Appreciate Chevy asking me to drive it at the #Daytona500 to celebrate what an awesome trick it is. Can’t wait to kick the new season off right.”
gm  chevrolet  brand  content 
7 days ago by automotive
Santa slims down for Audi
New spot plugs the Audi sports car by putting Kris Kringle on a diet
vwc  audi  brand  content 
7 days ago by automotive
The Art of Work
An online magazine exploring company culture, hiring, work/life balance and office rituals at design-minded companies all over the world. From the Homerun team.
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7 days ago by e2b

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